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My Garage has not always been a Porsche 911 Garage. I fell in love with the 911 when I was a kid, but it took a few years until I could afford one. And then another one and another one, it was like an addiction, I just couldn’t stop it. So I’ve had a few over the years and still have a few. Here are a couple of cars I’ve restored, modified or backdated. Currently working on another 911. Going to show some other cars soon, BMW 2002 tii, Saab 900 SPG and my 944 Turbo Racer.

My current 911 Backdate / Restoration Project

These are the articles about my ongoing Porsche 911 project. The newest article will always be the top left one!

Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 7

The day has finally come. I was really, really nervous how it would look like. And what can I say? I absolutely love it. Some assumed the colour based on the colours of the patipatina website – and yeah – you guys were right!

For those of you wondering what colour that is – it’s an original Porsche paint from the current line-up. It’s called Miami Blue.

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Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 6

No, not going to reveal the colour, but show you some progress. And yeah, I did love the bare metal look but on the other hand – can’t wait to see the car in it’s final colour. Meanwhile, some paint preparations. The guy who’s doing it is an artist, really. First he started with primer all around the chassis. Looks great, doesn’t it?
Grey is the final colour! Not!

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Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 5

Race car or not a race car? As I said, I wanted to do it right this time. All the effort, chemical paint stripping and all that. And then buying a roll-bar and just bolt it in? Not my style. I wanted to build my own and I had a very clear picture on how it should look like. Btw I did have a spare roll-bar from a race car I once bought. Took it out of the storage and put it in – just for a sec. Easy decision.

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Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 4

Well, I’ve decided with this (final) backdate project to go the extra mile and do it right in my opinion.

After we took really everything out of the car, we brought it to a facility to chemical paint strip the whole body. Not the new (bolt-on) panels but the chassis itself. That really removes everything and goes into all the holes.

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Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 3

While I was still stripping the car, I started to bring several parts to certain shops. The gearbox went to a friend nearby, the engine went to another friend who needed a 3 litre engine for another project. For my car, we had something else in mind. Turned out to be a good choice, taking a 2.7 litre case, 3 litre RSR cylinders and some other nice things. But will that engine go into that car?

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Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 2

When I bought the car, my buddy told me, it isn’t running. For some reason I didn’t even check numbers back then. But when I took delivery of the car, I looked closely.

To my surprise it had something that I really wanted, something I should have bought otherwise. Find out what it was!

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Another Porsche 911 Project – Part 1

You know, I wanted a project car I could mess around with without messing around with the Porsche heritage. I would never dare to take a car that is significant in one way or the other and build a custom car out of it.
So I was specifically looking for a car that has been neglected and underappreciated.

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Completed Porsche 911 Projects

These are my last 3 Porsche 911 projects. Click on the images to read about the project and see the progress pictured.

1983 Porsche 911 SC
Backdate Project

1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.o
Full Restoration

1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.o

Almost forgot about these two …

Well, these two are sitting in a warehouse, waiting to be restored or treated in a different way. Since Corona is fu**ing us all up and I can’t do anything at the moment for my current project (in paint), I started another one. Will talk about that soon.

1977 Porsche 911S – The Frog

Bought the car years ago, just liked the colour. Good driving car when I got it but it’s in the storage ever since, waiting to be restored.

1978 Porsche 911 SC – The Bee 

That is a low mileage SC that went into storage as well. Plan is to build another Offroad-Safari Vehicle in the near future. It has a 77 Carrera 3.o engine in it with Mechanical Fuel Injection and a limited slip differential.