Getting another 911 project started

You know, I wanted a project car I could mess around with without messing around with the Porsche heritage. I would never dare to take a car that is significant in one way or the other and build a custom car out of it. Don’t know, I probably call it education and appreciation. So I was specifically looking for a car that has been neglected and underappreciated.

Other specs I was looking for: it had to be a 1977 model year Porsche. Weird, isn’t it? But truthfully, it’s not that weird. I’ve had so many Porsches over the years, one of the reasons was to find out, what I really want. 1977 has everything for me: it’s already zync-coated, much stiffer than the early – pre 74 911s and it still has the pop-out windows (even though I know you can still retrofit the later ones (1978-1989). And it had to be a non-sunroof car just because I had some streetable racecar thing in my head. So here I was, looking for such a beat-up patinated messed up with but still in a good shape Porsche 911.

The car when I first saw it

Who could do that to a 911?

Found this in Kitchener, Ontario. But truth be told, it wasn’t really me, it was a friend who pointed me in the right direction. Booked a flight and flew into Toronto and checked the car out the same day. Nothing special, 911S, California car, spent most of its life 20mls away from here in San Fernando Valley, CA.
Of course, ugly on the outside. I felt a bit like a cosmetic surgeon who takes the pain and breathes new life into it. Bought it on the spot with a lot of ideas in mind.

Strosek Body Kit Front

Strosek Body Kit Rear

But before I tell you more about it, what would you suggest? Would you restore it back to original specs? The exterior colour is not original, it’s slightly lighter than the original Porsche silver. 

Seats were in good condition

Red Gauges are not for everyone

The car was not running at the time but I didn’t really care about that. I knew there was a 3 litre SC engine in it, all I needed to know. Checked all the numbers and found out it was a 81 SC engine together with an 81 transmission with an all original Porsche limited slip differential. 
It looked way better inside than it looked outside. Unfortunately it wasn’t the other way around, since I cared even less about the interior. My ideas had evolved from my first custom Porsche 911 Project

Aerodynamics has always been the core of the Strosek Car designs

Porsche 964 taillights and a big bulky wing