Is there a best racing tire?

Again, using quarantine time to answer some questions. If you ask me, yes, there is. And there is a variety of alternatives too that I will talk about. The article today is about full race tires, tires that should not be driven to the track. I do have two sets of wheels for my race car, a 1970 lightweight 911S with a 3 litre Carrera 3.o modified engine, running PMO46s with about 265HP. It’s equipped with 7×15 Fuchs wheels all around, so I am talking about 15 inch racing tires.

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What are the best full racing tires?

The best full race tires are by far Hoosier racing tires, the Hoosier A7 for Autocross and the Hoosier R7 for DE time trials and road racing. If you want the fastest possible tire, get the Hoosier R7 but keep in mind, they won’t be fast for more than 10 heat cycles. The Hoosier A7 uses a softer compound for maximum grip. Means it comes up to temp more quickly and reaches an optimal grip between 120 and 140 degrees F. I prefer the Hoosier A7 over the Hoosier R7, I got 40 heat cycles out of my last set of Hoosier A7 until they corded. But I have a light car with very very good tire wear. But well, by the time a Hoosier A7 gets to 20 heat cycles, it will be slower than a “drive to the track race tire”, let’s say a Toyo RA1 which I really love.

Also liked the Toyo RR, they have tremendous grip. It has been pretty much improved over the previous generation but the Hoosier is still a little bit better. The Toyo RR is very forgiving in terms of tire slide or snap oversteer. Tire pressures are more like Hoosiers, seems to respond better to higher pressures. Most likely due to the more Hoosier-like tire design.

I’ve also tried the BFGoodrich G-Force R1. The BFGoodrich G-Force R1 is a very solid tire, but they are loud, at least until you break them in after about 1500 mls. I mean, what’s loud anyway? No stereo or sound deadening. What’s to listen to other than the engine? If you want tunes, an iPhone with noise cancelling headphones does the trick.

Best racing tires

BFGoodrich g-Force R1

Another tip: If you don’t have a very aggressive suspension setup, be prepared to flip the tires on the rims. I mean flip, not rotate the wheels but pull off the tire and flip it to get more life as you’ll likely wear the outer edge a lot more quickly than the inside.