Chemical paint stripping

Well, I’ve decided to go the extra mile and do it right (in my opinion). After we took everything out of the car, we brought it to a facility to chemical paint strip the whole body. Not the new (bolt-on) panels but the chassis itself. That really removes everything and goes into all the holes. 

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After the stripping, we found a few areas that needed to be addressed. The back seat area needed some attention as well as the window frames. And some more little adjustments. I didn’t expect something else so I wasn’t really surprised. 

Floors were actually in a fantastic shape, no need to do anything here. But as you can see, the seat area had some issues, and some bumps had to be fixed. It doesn’t sound much but from that amount of money some people buy a family car that lasts the next ten years. And then the strengthening began.

Then the whole fitment before paint started. All the panels went back on and light fitment started. Even though the fenders, bumpers and the hood did fit good from the beginning, some adjustments needed to be done in order to fit the headlights, turn signals, grilles and the taillights. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Okay, done with fitment. But I guess there is something missing. Don’t you think?

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