Nightmare electrics

Truth be told, I don’t get it. Electrics I mean. Not that I am dumb but this is way beyond my imagination. And when I hear the words: well you just have to measure it – I am thinking about moving to a tiny island with only space for myself. But I have help. Useful help from a guy named Roland who does that shit for a living.

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My job was just to capture what he was doing. Don’t know if you can hear it – but silence tells you – I was impressed. Great to see that he is using the same wire stripping tool that I bought about a year ago.

The only thing I see is wires and wires and wires but he knows what he is doing. End result – I have all new wires and at least the turn signals are working already 😉 Pretty sure everything else works as well. 

And we’ve saved weight as well. Not sure how much a complete harness weighs but the new harness only contains what the car really needs. Really needs, I have to repeat that. No stereo, no glove box light, no power windows, no heater control lights. None of that. 

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