These are the Nice To Have Tools. For more  advanced projects or just things that make your life easier. A lot easier.
Check out the Must Have Tools and the Essential Garage Equipment as well. And the Porsche Books! They are the best!

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Oil Change

Is it time for an Oil Change? Well, make sure you have a new filter and the right oil for your car. Ever had problems loosening the oil filter? Since I do that by myself all the time, I had this occasions. And I tried different tools, some sort of metal strip that was only bent at the end, the oil filter was still tight. 

Then I found two little helpers, that both work just great. With some cars you can’t really get to the filter, so the other tool works better and vice versa. Try them, they work great!

Thats the 74mm Oil Filter Wrench, works with a 3/8″ or outside 27mm hex.

Or sometimes even easier to handle, an Oil Filter Chain Wrench. That one will leave no tightened oil filter attached, promise.

I bought this drain pan for an oil change, works perfectly well, easy to catch bolts and fill the old oil into containers. And this one is big enough for the huge amount of oil in an aircooled Porsche.

Not so easy not to spill any oil while filling in oil after an oil/filter change. I got this funnel, works great. It’s long enough and it’s got a filter in it which is super easy to clean.

How about transmission oil? Ever changed that yourself on an early Porsche? Well, not that easy to get to the filling hole. This one does the job just great!

Bolts, Nuts & Threads

I always tell my girlfriend, it will only take half an hour. Yeah well, you know how the story ends.

Getting screws out is while working on classic cars, a major issue. I tried spot-welding but this extractor set worked so well at so many occasions.

But sometimes you can’t even use the extractor set, e.g. when space is limited. This nut splitter helped me so many times. It works with nuts from 13-24mm.

But sometimes you can’t just replace a nut or a bolt, you have to fix the thread. Honestly, even if those moments might not be the greatest in life, I love to use a tap and die set. This is the one I got and I am happy with it to this day.

Brake Pistons

Working on brakes is not for everyone. And if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, let experts do the work. But if you feel comfortable with working on the brakes, a brake pistons readjusting tool comes in handy. I bought this more likely by accident but I am happy to have it and I used that a lot while working on my Porsches, BMW, Volkswagen and Saab.

Brake pistons readjusting tool

Valve Adjustment

If you do adjust the valves on your car, no matter if it’s a Porsche or BMW or any other car, you need a feeler gauge. That’s the most precise one I could find.

Piston Ring Pliers

And if you go even further and work on the engine yourself, this is a necessary tool to compress piston rings, no matter if its a water- or air-cooled engine. 

Universal Ball Joint Puller

Needed a tool to remove ball joint pivots of steering arms and steering tie rods. Found this in the catalog of Hazet and was quite surprised how great it is. Jaw opening 23mm, Clamping range 2.56 inch. 

Air Impact Wrench

If you have a compressor or thinking about getting one, I can totally recommend an air impact wrench.  I got this little super-handy impact wrench with a loosening torque of max. 1100 Nm from a friend, thats why I ended up buying a compressor and other air tools.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

A lot of people ignore the importance of the right tyre pressure. I bought this tyre pressure gauge along with the compressor. It has a maximum pressure of 8 bar, so this one should be suitable with any of the cars we have in our garages.

Air Blow Gun

Also got this nice 2-way air blow gun. Bought it because it was cheap to be honest. But it’s super useful to remove dust or to dry parts.

Power Tools

I don’t have that many power tools, but I swear on a brand called Festtool. Best stuff I’ve ever had.

This compact drill set is perfect for my purposes. I take this to drill and screw. And it comes with a 2nd battery pack which comes in handy. 

And I have this orbital sander. Bought this once when I prepared a car for paint to save some money. Well I did – so it was worth spending the money on the sander.

Well, and the Dremel. I wish I could say nice things about that tool. Honestly, this is my 3rd one already. The two before broke after a year each after heavy fiberglas cutting.

As I said, my 3rd one. If you guys know a good alternative, please let me know.

Rivet Joints

Thats a very useful hand riveting tool, good for all kinds of rivet joints, blind rivets up to 5mm of diameter, a fast and safe way to do rivets.

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Ever lost a bolt or a nut or a washer in the engine bay? I did, many times. and I was very happy I had this magnetic pick-up tool. It say it’s got a traction force of up to 4500g. Never tried that, nuts and washers are never that heavy.