Taking the shit apart

When I purchased the mess, I didn’t really check neither the engine nor the gearbox since  my buddy told me it isn’t running. Whenever I get a new car – running or not – I put it on a lift and check everything.

I was pretty surprised when I checked the undercarriage. First, it was in a very good shape. Well, even though it’s a California car, you never know what happens in the 40 yrs. Later I found out it spend most of its live in the Los Angeles area, about 40mls. from where it is now. 

Turned out engine and gearbox are from a 1981 SC, so a 3 litre 180hp engine and – surprise – a original Porsche Limited Slip Differential gearbox with the /12 mark. As you can imagine, I was surprised and very happy. 

Another Porsche Project by patipatina

The day I took delivery of the car

I even got the engine running and checked the clutch, everything was working – though the engine didn’t pull strong. Later it turned out the compression wasn’t that great anymore. But I had other plans in terms of the engine but we’re coming to that later.
I started on the outside, back to front, I wanted to get rid of all the ugly body kit parts. They’ve had cracks here and there and I had no intention to re-use them at some point so I took them off as fast as possible if you know what I mean. 
This is what it looked like on day one. 
Another Porsche Project by patipatina

Without the fender flares and the ugly wing

It finally had similarities with a Porsche again. 
In the next step, I took the engine and gearbox out, took me 30 minutes this time. Of course I kept the transmission, but the engine I gave to a friend. He was looking for a decent 3 litre engine for a rebuild. So he got the engine as some kind of down payment for my engine to be build. 
In the next couple of days I took out all the windows and the entire interior. Since I didn’t want to use it and it was in a good and reusable condition, I sold all the parts over pelican, seats, door cards, parcel shelf, steering wheel and dashboard.
The car was pretty empty at that time but it was still rolling.
Next step – new body parts. As I said, I had some ideas in my head so I’ve sourced the parts for the front first. 
Another Porsche Project by patipatina

Sorry for the bad cellphone picture

Another Porsche Project by patipatina

And yes, another backdate!

The parts I’ve sourced are JP Dansk. I wanted to go all metal for a lot of reasons. First, safety and second, I didn’t want the paint differences. May be it’s just me but I see the little differences, whether it’s metal, plastic or fiberglass underneath. 
Fitment was great so I started the rear, much more complicated since there was welding involved. Sourced – surprise – narrow body parts, rear fenders and the bumper section parts.
Another Porsche Project by patipatina

Bad picture again, sorry. But now with narrow body fenders

So everything was set on the back as well. Next step – remove all axle parts. Took me another half day to remove all the axle parts, suspension, and brake parts. 
I had my welder build me a dolley so I could still move the car around. And there it was. Ready to go on a little journey to a friend’s shop. He’s going to do a lot of nice stuff to the car. But we see that later.
Another Porsche Project by patipatina

On the dolley

Okay okay, I did something more before the car went to his shop. As you can see, the picture is black & white. For a reason. I messed around with paint a little, wanted to see different parts of the car in that particular paint that I’ve picked and it looked great. Had a paint shop mix it and they made me a bottle of spray paint so I could play around myself. 
And yes, that will be the final colour. A colour I picked at day one when I went to Kitchener, Ontario to buy the car. And I haven’t changed the colour choice ever since. But that will be a surprise for you guys.
The Backdate rear bumper corners are for sale since I decided to remove the impact bumper brackets. 
Another Porsche Project by patipatina

Car on the dolley in front of a friend’s shop