Paint or paint prep?

No, not going to reveal the colour, but show some progress. And yeah, I did love the bare metal look but on the other hand – can’t wait to see the car in it’s final paint. Meanwhile, some  preparations. The guy who’s doing it is an artist, really, not me by the way. First he started with primer all around the chassis. Looks great, doesn’t it? Grey is the final colour! Not!

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It’s just primer but it already looks like a car again. At least a little bit. Quite a number of people wanted to know what the final colour is going to be. People who know me personally thought it’s going to be silver (again!). One thing I can tell you: it’s not. 

Others suggested a Porsche colour from the model year which is 77 or a pre-74 Porsche colour, most likely because it’s a backdate. Nice idea, but not what I have in mind. Please let more ideas coming – even though – I won’t change my mind. I’ve picked the colour the first day I had the project in mind and haven’t changed it ever since. And I won’t, promise!

Now the guys are working on the final adjustments, to make the doors fit good, panel gaps and all that. Then these parts go into the primer and then .. Wait and see!

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