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These are the best classic BMW books that I know. Okay, they are mostly about the 2002 which I love. Still working on one but soon I can reveal a little more on this subject. A couple of books are great if you want to know more about the history of this phantastic german car manufacturer. If there is anything I should read and might want to add – let me know!

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The BMW 2002 – The Real Story Behind The Legend

If you ask a number of car enthusiasts about the best-loved cars of all time, I am pretty sure the 2002 will pop up at some point. Truth be told, a lot of misinformation and about that car are flying around. This book on the other hand will tell everything what happened, the whole truth behind the creation. The real story begins in 1960, BMW planned on having a successor to the 700 coupe. This book also reveals a lot about all the decisions been made along the way until 1976. It was also the first big hit in the US market for BMW on the path to becoming a global and most respected car company.

OAL-BB 50 – The Alpina Book

If we’re talking high performance and luxury in a BMW, no doubt, we’re talking about the Alpina. This book is dedicated to 50 years of BMW Alpina automobiles. It’s full of brand stories as well as milestones of that company. It also comes with a lot of historic photos from their archives and current images. 

The ICON – 50 Years Of The 2002

The Real Story Behind (to the left) tells you everything about the car and the building process itself, this book has more than 150 full-color pages. So if you are a fan of the 2002, you have to have this book in your library. It includes design drawings that have never been published, pictures of all variants – for races and the street alike. Best book in my opinion for an overview of the different models and the evolution of the 2002. And I can tell you, the pictures are gorgeous.

BMW M3 – The Complete Story

Well, one doesn’t have to introduce the BMW M3. It has inspired such devotion over the years. Worldwide, the BMW M3 – now in its fifth generation has set the benchmark for a compact performance car. The book looks at the first generations of the M3, full of details, pictures and the reasons, why that M3 became legend.

The BMW Century

This book in my opinion is the best book to read about and understand the history of BMW as one of the leading car and motorcycle manufacturers. It chronicles this remarkable company through a lot of photos of cars and motorcycles they have built, from the early pre-war R32 to the a lot more modern cars today. It also shows a lot about their model development over the years, cars as well as motorcycles. It contains hundreds of historic photos, sourced from BMW archives. A must have for any BMW fan.