Seiko 5 Sports Speed Timer 6139-8040 Chronograph

Another JDM only Seiko – Different Dials, Movements and Bracelets

As mentioned before, the 6139 Movement made by Seiko has a special place in my collection. My initial goal was to own one of each models, plus all dial variants. In the end I ended up with more than just one of each. The 6139-8040 JDM only Seiko Chronograph stands out with the compact case on the one hand, but even more with their distinct coloured dials. Check out the 6139-8040 Seiko Chronograph and find out why I acquired more than one of each.

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Models & Versions 

Just like the 6139-7020, the Seiko 5 Sports Speed Timer 6139-8040 Chronograph had a unique release without variations intended for other markets but Japan.

The Seiko 6139-8040, a watch crafted exclusively for the Japanese market and classified as a JDM (Japan Domestic Market) piece, holds a unique allure. A key aspect of its authenticity lies in its movement, which consistently features 21 jewels and an English/Kanji day wheel. If you encounter a watch missing either of these elements, it’s a red flag. The exclusivity and specific dials of the Seiko 6139-8040 make it a prized possession among collectors.

Here’s how they appeared in the early 1970s catalog.


The Seiko 6139-8040 Chronograph came with dials in two colors: light blue a dark grey sub-dial (8080T) and green with a red circled blue sub-dial (8080T as well). Again, there is no documented information regarding the popularity or rarity of these dials. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference. While I appreciate both, I sort of prefer the green one, the dial with a mix of green, red and blue but also the fact that there are not so many nice green dialled watches out there. And truth be told, as my girl used to say, the green dial compliments my green eyes. 🙂

Seiko 6139-8040 JDM Chronograph
Seiko 6139-8040 JDM Chronograph


These days, it is sometimes harder to find the correct bracelet than the watch itself. That applies to most of these Seiko Chronographs, especially the JDM ones. Even though I didn’t pay too much attention to metal bracelets when I started collecting, I kept them all. I have a preference for leather straps when wearing my Seikos, the 6139-8040 is no exception.

Unlike other Seiko watches with different dial styles, both Seiko JDM 6139-8040 Chronographs came with the same bracelet, reference number XAA370, a 18mm lug size bracelet.

Movements + Hands

All these watches are equipped with the 6139 movement. Based on the catalogs and various other information, there were no 6139-8040 JDM Chronographs out there that came with the earlier 6139A movement. Even the 1972 Seiko Catalog did not contain the Seiko 6139-8040, therefore it is very likely that 1973 was the first year of the Seiko 6139-8040.

The Seiko 6139-8040, being a JDM only watch, came exclusively with the JDM 21 Jewel movement. Both models shared the same set of distinct hands that I haven’t seen on other Seiko watches, featuring very small hour and minute hands with a small black stripe, a red chrono second hand and a white chrono minute hand. It’s truly a remarkable watch with a compact case, beautiful dials, and noteworthy bracelets. Owning one is a unique experience, and given its rarity, it’s advisable to acquire one before the market becomes saturated.

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