The exciting universe of Momo logo horn buttons

Collecting Momo steering wheels always goes along with collecting the matching Momo horn buttons. At least most of us aficionados have to have the matching Momo horn button. For some, it’s even harder to find the button than the respective steering wheel.

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Sometimes you want a horn button with the respective car brand on it, like the beautiful Porsche crest horn button, or a different color to match your interior. Or the button is no longer working – and then you switch them. And what happens then, you can picture it, you put the old one somewhere, you lose it or throw it away, gone. It’s such a tiny bit, it easily disappears. Some of these were, others became rare over the years, most likely because nobody paid attention really.

The Momo logo horn buttons are quite common, at least the latest design. There is one that is even older, before the Momo company was even founded: the Momo Montecarlo horn button. Found the pre-Momo 1964 steering wheel, I can only tell you how the horn button looks like. It’s black with a big silver M in the middle and Montecarlo circled around it. If you have such a button and would like to sell it – let me know!

Early chrome ring horn buttons vs. later black plastic ring horn buttons

The stacked Momo logo horn button was available from 1968 until the 1973. The second-generation horn button, which was still a chrome ring button, was made afterwards but only for a short time until the Mid 1970s, changed to the black plastic ring style and shortly after, in 1976, Momo introduced the single arrow Momo logo. 

Here are five generations of the Momo logo horn button pictured. I have to admit, I lost interest after the third one, too new to me.

Stacked Momo Horn Button

first-generation Momo logo, known as the “stacked MOMO logo”

second-generation MOMO horn button

second-generation Momo logo, “row MOMO logo”, still has the chrome ring

second-generation Momo logo, “row MOMO logo”, but with the plastic ring

Momo single arrow horn button

third-generation Momo logo, black plastic ring, known as the “single arrow MOMO logo”

Momo Arrow horn button

fourth-generation of the Momo logo, known as the “double arrow MOMO logo”

Momo all yellow horn button

fifth-generation of the Momo logo, known as the “open double arrow MOMO logo”

Momo Corse horn button

Momo Corse horn button, diversification of the Momo logo

Momo Regit Racing horn button

Momo Regit Racing horn button

Momo horn buttons for car brands

Just like Momo produced steering wheels for brands like Abarth, Alpina, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche and a few others, they also produced the matching horn buttons – and even more. Momo created horn buttons for other brands they didn’t produce special steering wheels for. For almost all common car brands – and they still do. Here you can see again – the early ones came with the chrome ring, the later ones with the plastic ring. These are just examples, Momo did a lot more!

BMW Momo horn button

early BMW horn button 

early chrome ring Alpina Horn Button

early BMW Alpina horn button

early MOMO Porsche Crest horn button

early Porsche horn button

Earlier Momo Volkswagen Horn Button

early Volkswagen horn button

early Ford horn button

early chrome ring Momo Volvo horn button

early Volvo horn button

early Momo Alfa Romeo horn button

early Alfa Romeo horn button

early Momo Opel horn button

early Opel horn button

Abarth Scorpion Horn Button - Black

early black Abarth horn button

Abarth Horn Button - early chrome ring

early red Abarth horn button

Even more Momo horn buttons

And there were even more. It was way easier to convince Momo to produce a special horn button than a special steering wheel. Obviously, the risk of development, testing, production and sales are much higher with a steering wheel than just changing the face of a horn button. Nobody knows the exact number of different Momo horn buttons. Here are two more – very special examples.

Marlboro Momo Horn Button

for promotion only – Momo Marlboro horn button – racing sponsor

Momo John Player Special JPS Horn Button

JPS – John Player Special – Momo designed a steering wheel for them as well

And many many more

And there are hundreds more. Different colors, hundreds of different horn buttons for car brands and so on. Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

Momo horn buttons for sale

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