The final colour

The day has finally come. I was really, really nervous how it would look like. And what can I say? I absolutely love it. Some assumed the colour based on the colours of the patipatina website – and yeah – you guys were right! Seeing this reminds me of the time when I came up with that colour – and never changed my mind during these more than three years now.

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For those of you wondering what colour that is – it’s an original Porsche paint from the current line-up. It’s called Miami Blue.

Those are not the first pictures, I got a few from the paint shop already when they painted the engine bay, the trunk, underneath and inside. But the colour looked so different, it was not something to show. But those ones are way better. I see a lot of working coming up putting that baby back together. But yeah, I sort of picked that hobby. Help is welcome at any time. Line up here please 😉

Yeah, let me know what you think! Have a great day and stay healthy!

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