Top 10 Must have Ryobi tools

My personal experience with Ryobi power tools

After I published the article about my move from air tools to power tools, I got tons of questions – most common was – what are your personal top 10 must have tools for working on cars and DIY in general. Well, I put together a list of my tools, all the ones I bought so far are fantastic, I use them regularly for my projects, these are awesome for the most common types of work on cars and DIY.

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1. Ryobi Impact Wrench 18V ONE+ brushless

The Ryobi impact wrench was the first Ryobi power tool I bought, as a kit with a battery and a charger. Better buy the tool, get a set of batteries and a fast charger, makes more sense, also it’s more inexpensive when you plan on purchasing more than one battery. Anyway, what a powerful tool, up to 400 Nm of torque, enough for all the cases I am using the impact wrench. 3 speeds with up to 2900 rpm. I found it extremely useful that it came with a hex adapter to fit screw driver bits. When I built the pool deck, I enjoyed the power it’s got to drive in screws. And another thing – the battery really lasts forever. Changed so many tires and used it for my construction work, it’s just amazing! And just like with the other tools, I went brushless right away. Costs a bit more in the first place, but since I use these tools a lot, I just think it makes a lot of sense in terms of longevity.

Ryobi Impact Wrench - brushless 18V ONE+

2. Ryobi Angle Grinder 18V ONE+ brushless

Everyone needs an angle grinder or metal cutter from time to time. Changing shock absorber on my Saab 900 is impossible without cutting out the old shocks first. This one here is very light, easy to hold with just one hand – and it comes with an extra side handle that can be attached in three ways, perfect for any job. Disc replacements are super easy, the spanner is stored on the grinder, no chance of losing it.

And one more thing – adjusting the angle or depth of your cuts are easy, with a push of a button. And yes, it’s brushless as well!

Ryobi Angle Grinder - brushless 18V ONE+

3. Ryobi Drill Driver 18V ONE+ brushless

I found the perfect drill driver, brushless of course, perfect size and weight. Easy to work with (I love the grip), it’s got a 2-speed-gearbox, a light when you pull the trigger and I even use the belt clip from time to time (never would have imagined). Actually, I bought two of those, reason why is simple. Those who know me personally know that I also enjoy working on the house, building something.

For this purpose, two devices make sense, especially if you want to drill a hole first and then screw something down. Constantly changing between screw bit and drill is annoying. So yeah, thats the reason why.

Ryobi Drill Driver - brushless 18v ONE+

4. Ryobi 270 Degree LED Work Light 18V ONE+

950 Lumen are by far enough if you need to lighten up some areas of your car, inside the engine compartement or underneath the car. This Ryobi work light here can be arranged in 270 degrees of rotation, you can hang it with the pull-out hook. It comes with two LED banks, you can either switch on both or just one, whatever is needed. A very useful and neat tool. If you need more light, I can also recommend the 1800 Lumen flat standing LED work light. I recently added a dual powered Ryobi spotlight to the Ryobi 130 Lumen flashlight that I have in my car all the time.

5. Ryobi Power Ratchet 18V ONE+

Another thing I saw on the Mighty Car Mods youtube channel. A fantastic tool for hard to reach areas with that rotating head. It does up to 40 Nm. It’s super light and with that paddle switch it’s easy to regulate speed. Wouldn’t want to work on cars without it anymore, one of my absolute favourites if not the favourite.

Ryobi Ratchet Screwdriver - 18V ONE+

6. Ryobi Jig Saw 18V ONE+ brushless

Basically one of my last purchases. The reason, I had a no-name jigsaw, old school with cable, probably 25 years old. I’ve already built two kitchens with it, she screamed pitifully and I felt very sorry for her. At some  it was time and a logical consequence to buy a Ryobi model. Brushless, for longevity. It’s light, quiet and really fun. Building the Porsche door cards was a breeze.

And the next kitchen is already waiting.

Ryobi Jig Saw 18V ONE+ brushless

7. Ryobi Circular Saw 18V ONE+ brushless

Needed a circular saw, not so much for my car projects but my pool deck construction and another side project that I am going to reveal soon! I checked all products first, compared but came back to Ryobi and its very useful battery interchangeability. That model is really amazing, powerful and strong and cuts up to 60mm of depth at 90° angle. What’s crazy, I didn’t find the more powerful and bigger and at the same time brushless version here in the US but in Germany and carried it all the way as my hand luggage when I was visiting.

8. Ryobi Orbit Sander 18V ONE+

10000 orbits per minutes make this Ryobi Orbit Sander a fantastic tool for both, sanding and polishing. Bought it at first for sanding down a car (took me 2 battery charges), making it ready for welding and paint afterwards but used it quite a lot when I built that pool deck I mentioned before. It again works with the same batteries and it comes with a dust bag (but you can attach any vacuum if you want). Came with a set of sanding pads but you can attach any hook and loop pad you find.

Ryobi Orbit Sander 18V ONE+

9. Ryobi 18V 4Ah Lithium-Ion High Capacity Battery Kit

I am deepy amazed by the power and performance of these batteries. Every now and then I click the button to see the status of the power left and really, every time I am impressed of the runtime of these batteries. If mounted to an iphone, I guess it would last forever. Make sure you buy the original Ryobi batteries which are way smarter and better than the aftermarket ones. Even if the aftermarket replacement ones promise same results, they are by far not the same. I didn’t buy aftermarket ones but a friend did and he was unhappy after the first use. If you just need one Ryobi battery as a replacement or add-on, this Ryobi battery is the best bang for the buck.

Ryobi 18V 5Ah Lithium-Ion High Capacity Battery Kit

10. Ryobi Battery Fast Charger 18V, Lithium-Ion & Ni-Cd

Extremely useful, that charger is faster than the one that came in the kit I bought first. Lights show you the progress and also, if there is something wrong with the battery, too hot, too cold, whatever. And I mounted it onto the wall to save space, right next to the wall socket. If I ever need to charge more than one battery at the time, I will buy the Ryobi Supercharger, you can charge up to 6 batteries at the same time!

Ryobi Battery Fast Charger 18V Lithium-Ion + Ni-Cd

One more thing: Ryobi Power Inflator for Tires 18V ONE+

A very handy tool and the biggest advantage over a pneumatic air tire pressure gauge is the portability. Whenever I go to the track, I have this power inflator for tires and a battery in the trunk and can change the pressure of my tires wherever and whenever, being independent feels really great at those times. No compressor needed, just plug in the battery and you’re ready to go. It has a digital pressure gauge and delivers up to 150PSI. If you’re into camping this dual inflator / deflator is the right one for you. I have my inflator for some time, if I would have to choose today, I would go for the Ryobi dual function inflator / deflator!

Not all my Ryobi tools fit in my Hazet tool storage container, but the ones that I use the most in my garage. All others (e.g. for woodworking) are in my basement where I have some more space (to fill ;-)) I have made special shadow board inserts for my tools so that they are neatly stored and don’t fly around in the drawers. I can also see at any time whether everything is there or not. If you’re interested in how to make these, let me know!

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