On the assembly line

Long time no progress. Thats correct. Took quite a while for the paint to dry out. But now it’s back in my garage and the assembly has started. Axles and steering first so I can move it around. I’ve put the front in first with a restored steering column, turbo tie rods and then the rear axle, without shocks but with threaded rods.

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And added the 7×15 Fuchs wheels (restored by Fuchs) with 205/50/15 tires. Not sure if the rubber stays, looks a bit too tiny. But I love the look with the old Fuchs design. Makes it quite classy. My other ride got blended by the beauty and went up high in the air.

I am super happy with the results and with the colour choice as well. It looks even more gorgeous in real life than it does in the pictures, even though the colour is really hard to capture. Try googling Porsche Miami Blue – the results are so different. 

While trying to adjust the colour a little bit, I played around even more, also because I wanted to convince myself that I picked the right colour. Well, in case you’re going to make a decision on a colour for a backdate or pre-74 Porsche 911, this might help 🙂 or at least makes you smile.

Enjoy colour-picking. And yeah, I understand, thats a tough choice. It’s not like going to Tesla and pick a car that will surround you for the next 3 years of your lease. When you restore a car with so much effort (and money) involved, you want the car to stay forever. And with that in mind, the colour choice is even harder.

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