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This is my Essential Garage Equipment, the items you really need when you’re working on cars, not just changing tires. Check out the list of most useful tools & nice to have tools as well! Oh yeah and a book might help!

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Fire Extinguisher

Safety first. Something no one would ever want to use, but it should be in your garage. And you should make sure that it’s easy to reach and working. I have two in my garage, next to each door.

Because of the nature of work in a garage, make sure you get one that is helpful with chemical and electrical fires. Like this one here:

First Aid Kit

Once again, better safe than sorry. If you have as much tools in your garage with sharp edges as I have, you know how they can inflict some severe damage.

Also think about the weight of objects in your garage so it’s advised to have a first aid kit in your garage, to deal with any such unforeseen incidents. Bought this one here, recommendation by a doctor.


You’re not always working under the car or under the hood when you’re working on your car. Sometimes some open space is very useful, a workbench with a vice is a must for your garage. When I moved here, I left mine and bought this one and had it delivered from Amazon. It has a Capacity of 12000 lbs, 30″ Length x 48″ Width x 34″ Height.


If you need an extra pair of hands to hold an engine part while working on it, want to press in bushings or need to do something else, that’s where the vice will come in handy. It’s got a 360° rotating head which is very useful.

Pneumatic Chair

Another thing that I really love. My pneumatic chair for working comfortably on my cars. The height can be adjusted easily and it’s got storage compartments underneath which can be rotated 360°.

Covers & Mats

Have you scratched your fender while working on the engine? I did, more than once. Well, it can be so easy, just use this fender cover and there will be no trouble.

Not that I feel old, but I love my kneeling mat, easy, convenient and light. I even have a bigger one to lay down completely 😉

Thats the bigger one. Your back will say thank you, I promise! It’s about a meter long!

Work Lights

I do have great lights in my garage, however, while working under the hood or underneath the car, I bought some portable lights which are very durable and useful. And I also got a bigger one which is useful for all purposes. Both work with the Ryobi rechargeable batteries which I already purchased for my other Ryobi tools.

Magnetic Cup

It is what it is, a magnetic cup, but very useful if you don’t want to lose bolts and other tiny stuff, especially if you’re working under the car.

Car Floor Jack

Recently, after moving into the new house, I had to buy a new Floor Jack. Read the whole story. That’s the one I finally bought and I am very happy with it.


Bought these Jackstands together with the Floor Jack. They are good for 3 tons total weight.

Air Compressor

Got myself an air compressor last year and I am very happy with it. So convenient and ultra quiet as well as oil-free, 20 gallons. Of course, only makes sense if you have the tools for it which I got from a friend.

And I got this spiral hose so the hose it’s not in the way, really like that, length is about 8m, so suitable for most garages.

Jump Starter

Something I wouldn’t want to miss is a jump starter. Especially with the old cars, you sometimes need some extra power to get a car running.

Multi Meter

A very useful tool, a Multi Meter that measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40 M resistance. Good thing, it’s built to withstand a 3.3 foot (1m) drop. Measures also temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle, and test diodes.

Timing Light

Well, I bought a rather expensive one compared to the ones on the market. But – this is the most precise one and it has digital readouts for Tachometer, Adcance, Dwell and Voltage. And the good thing for all high-revving engines – works up to 9,990 RPM.

Shop towels

Designed for cleaning up grease, liquids, oils and spills, ultra strong, durable and work when wet, what more could you ask for. 

Heavy Duty Shop Vacuum

And after completing your work in the garage, you wouldn’t want to leave it all dirty. A shop vacuum, a broom and other cleaning supplies are essential. 

Not only for the garage itself but also for the tools. Proper maintenance of the garage as well as the tools can be cost beneficial.


I was looking for something rather inexpensive to store all my bottles, rattle can, WD40 and stuff. Then I came across this here – it’s from IKEA and just $29,95. It’s got tires so you can move it around. Awesome product

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