Meanwhile in my garage

I know, you want answers to the colour question. Sorry, not today. While I was still stripping the car, I started to bring several parts to certain shops. The gearbox went to a friend nearby who only overhauls Porsche transmissions and Bosch mechanical fuel pumps. First question was if he can keep the gearbox with the LSD and give me another one. Sorry, but no.

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The engine went to another friend who needed a 3 litre engine for another project. I had no use for that engine, we wanted to build something else for me. Thats the engine we built, not sure yet whether it goes into that car. It’s a 2.7 litre case but with RSR spec and some other nice little things. It runs with Weber 40s but since I also have a set of PMO 46s that I wanted to use for that car, I haven’t decided yet what to do.

I’ve decided to send a set of 4 Fuchs wheels to the original manufacturer in Germany, to Fuchs. They still restore old Fuchs wheels and for some reason I thought they would do it the best. They didn’t, but anyway. I wanted the classic look and the results are okay, still happy with the result even though it wasn’t cheap at all.
And yes, everything matters. All the details that I wanted to do this time. I’ve purchased an original pre-74 rear deck lid that had the holes for the licence plate lighting already in it. Luckily, that deck lid came with the lights and also the emblems. It was on a 911 E before so I was wondering what to do with it. I wanted something special so I took a saw and removed the middle bridge of the E to make it a C. C for Café Racer or whatever. Had them all chrome plated again and now they are shiny shiny, more than ever.

Next thing – seats. I wanted some old-school looking race seats that could be used with a 4 point harness. Found these and installed them right away in my Carrera 3.o to test-drive them. Really liked them. Bought the cheapest version with leatherette and corduroy since I will have them reupholstered anyway. They are from BF Torino, called Rally ST. Took the picture from their website, my image was really bad. Hope they don’t mind.

And then I took several parts first to the sand blaster and after that I had them powder coated or yellow chromated. As you can see, I’ve also bought new Bilstein dampers, this time the whole front strut and restored the brake callipers. I’ve changed all the bushings and rods, rebuilt the steering column with new Turbo steering tie rods. Basically, everything is new or at least rebuilt.

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