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I love to work with the best tools I can get. Seriously, it makes a lot more fun with the right stuff. Spending more money on great tools makes quite a lot of sense. Most important, you don’t buy things twice. These are the tools that I use a lot, the real must have tools, the essentials, the tools you really need to maintain your vintage car. They are all metric by the way.

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Tools Storage

Well first of all, I want to talk about storage. Some like to have the tools on a wall, easy to access. Personally, I prefer a tool trolley which I can easily drag around. 

I got this one here from Hazet. Yes, I am a Hazet fan, I love the tools, the quality but I also look to the left and to the right. But since I am working on Porsches, I need metric anyway.

So this is it, the Hazet tool trolley. Of course, you can buy it as a trolley full of tools, a nice assortment. It’s just perfect. But since I bought tools before the trolley, I did it the other way around. It’s got a lot of space for tools and my nuts and bolts assortment and I use the big drawers for my power tools.

Socket Set

First of all, you need a socket set. Many years ago I bought stuff like that from places like Walmart or Home Depot. Better get good stuff in the first place, I bought tools many times but this here stays forever. It is a bit more pricey but the quality is outstanding. 

This socket set for example. It’s the perfect set, it contains all the stuff you would buy one by one in one nice set. From big to small, screwdriver sockets, torx, really everything you need, nice and clear.

Ratcheting Wrench Set

What you really really need is a ratcheting wrench set. It’s super handy if you don’t have much space and it makes working on your classic car even more fun. I really love them, as I wrote in my article. It also comes with square adapters, really cool. Thats a set I never want to miss. If I go on a road trip, I always take that set with me. 

Combination Wrenches

Years before I bought the ratcheting wrench set, I got these, a very nice set of combination wrenches in various sizes, from size 6 to 27.

Double Ring Spanner Set

There is not much to say about this double ring spanner set other than it’s extremely useful. Have this for many years and don’t want to miss it.

Universal Set

Once in a while a set comes along that you don’t expect. My lovely girlfriend gave me this and I love her for that. It contains all the stuff that usually lose or is somewhere but not where you expect it to be. A hammer, drift pins (need them a lot), measuring tape, a flat chisel, blunt scraper, a brake caliper brush, centre punch .. A really great set, thank you P.

Spark Plug Wrench

This Spark Plug Wrench is a very very good tool, especially if you’re working on old Porsches. Learn more about this Spark Plug Wrench in my article.

Screwdriver Set

I also bought this screwdriver set, but to be honest with you, I don’t use it that much. Most of the time I use a smaller wrench with a screwdriver insert. I’ll just add them here in order to give you the full picture.

Torque Wrenches

Let’s talk about a very important tool: a torque wrench. When I was young, I didn’t know about the importance and always tightened the screws as tight as possible. Stupid me. Back then. 

Now I know why it is so important and I have this little book from Porsche with all the torques.

I got two different ones, this is small one that has a 1/2″ drive and a range from 10-60 Nm.

And this is the bigger one, with a 1/2″ drive and a range from 60-320 Nm.


Pliers, another interesting subject. Even though I might appear as the biggest Hazet fan out there, I would recommend some other pliers. Not saying that Hazet pliers are not good, just saying that there are better ones out there. The brand is named Knipex and is from Germany as well. High quality as usual. Unfortunately and to my surprise, I couldn’t find a set so I show you what I bought.

First one was the Allrounder Water Pump Pliers. Adjustable and this time it really holds to the adjustment. Phantastic pliers.

Thats an Ultra-High Leverage Lineman’s Pliers. Must have in any garage. Really a great tool.

And a Long Nose Pliers with cutter, very useful as well for all purposes.

A must have for me are these two pliers, an internal retaining ring pliers and an external retaining ring pliers. Without these pliers, you have no chance to remove or install retaining rings.

Thats the internal retaining ring pliers I have:

And that is the external retaining ring pliers:

Very useful self-adjusting Grip Pliers:

Adjustable Open End Wrench:

Here’s my beloved Gedore Wire Stripping Pliers, love that, read more about it in my article. Similar pliers are available from a large number of manufacturers.

File Set

Well not everyone likes to go into these details, but for me a file set belongs to the Must Haves. So this is the file set I bought. Love them, really.