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Many of you asked about the must have tools – the essential tools & equipment that I use. Others asked for tipps on safety, oil, greases, lubes and other topics. So here they are, the tools that I am using. Stay tuned, I’ll update this page whenever I have the time. And if you have questions or have a topic I should address, let me know!

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How to Clean a Suede & Alcantara Steering Wheel

Well, that’s a good question. Here’s my secret which is – in fact – not a secret but the result of 5 min thinking.

Did this procedure a few times and it just works brilliantly. Without one of the many special suede steering wheel cleaners that promise a lot but do not hold anything. Everything you need for this DIY Cleaner, you might have at home already.

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Porsche Garages – very rarely just a garage

In most cases, a Porsche garage is not just a place to park a car. It is a place to relax, to relax after a long and hard day. A place where the history of one of the most exciting family businesses can be experienced and felt.
Often a hodgepodge of memories, memorabilia from days long past that tell of racing history. Posters, badges, trophies, old worn steering wheels.

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Best brake fluid for your classic race car

In a racing environment, a lot of parts have to work a lot harder, especially brakes. Higher speeds and much more intense presses on the brake pedal and as a result – much higher temperatures.

Do yourself a favour and install the right calipers, pads, discs and also – brake fluid that are all capable of withstanding those temperatures to avoid fading.

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Best Drive to the Track Racing Tire

Well, there are a couple of different levels of tires. Full race tires for the track only. They are not for the street.

And then there are what I like to call “drive to the track race tire”. And also a new kind of tire, a street race tire which is very streetable and capable on the track. Tried a lot of different tires, here are my best “drive to the track racing tires”.

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Looking for a classic ride on car for your kid?

Find the best birthday gift for the little car enthusiast!
So here are some of the best classic ride on cars for your kids or the big kids 😉 From foot to floor ride on toys, rides with pedals to electric ride on cars. And of course, a Porsche must not be missing – or two. No doubt, we all would have loved such a vehicle when we were young, that’s for sure!

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Best Racing Tires

Is there a best racing tire?

Again, using quarantine time to answer some questions. If you ask me, yes, there is. The article today is about full race tires, tires that should not be driven to the track. I do have two sets of wheels for my race car, a 1970 lightweight 911S. It’s equipped with 7×15 Fuchs wheels all around, so I am talking about 15 inch racing tires.

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Best Car Detailing Products for Classic Cars

Just like everybody else, I tried different car detailing supplies and compared them side by side. They are all great and not that different from one another, whether they are from the Chemical Guys, Mrs. Meyers or TriNova just to mention a few. Tried them, liked them but I’ve had the best results with the shampoo from Poorboy’s World and the car detailing products from the Car Guys.

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Best Car Floor Jack

How to choose the right car floor jack lift? 

I’ve just ordered a few after getting recommendations from my buddies here in LA. Learn more about the ones I’ve checked and the one I kept. Perfect combination of high built quality, excellent handling and the perfect range, fits my very low 911.

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Best engine oil for your classic car

What’s important when choosing engine oil for a classic car engine?

Just want to answer numerous requests from readers here and instagram which engine oil I use and why. Most important criteria for a classic car engine oil are viscosity, conventional or synthetic and vital additives.

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What is the best wire stripping tool?

A few people asked my what the sometimes cryptic engravings on the Momo steering wheels mean (if at all) or what years the steering wheels are coming from, where no production years have been engraved. Well, most interestingly, there is no official information about this. No one alive really knows for certain but I think we’re pretty close with this.

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7 best car gadgets – garage life

This mornings cars and coffee was full of discussions about the need and no need of gadgets for your car. It was quite interesting, a few of my buddies were against all kinds of electronics in their vintage cars but most people appreciated the easiness of these little helpers. Easy to install, easy to use – and sometimes life saving.

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Best Spark Plug Wrench

Anyone who has ever changed spark plugs on a Porsche 911 – I’m talking about the models of 1964-1989 – knows how difficult it is to get to some of the spark plugs. Not only the air hoses are in the way, most spark plug wrenches just doesn’t fit properly. One is too long, the other too short, extensions doesn’t fit either. I show you a tool that will make your life much easier.

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Best Ratcheting Wrenches or Sets

When it comes to tools, I choose quality over price, also, because I don’t like to buy twice. So my cars are german, my dog used to be german, why wouldn’t I pick something else than “Quality – Made in Germany” – I need metric anyway.

The tools I use the most when it comes to wrenches, are ratchet wrenches.

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