How to choose the right floor jack?

Well, never needed a jack until about six month ago when I moved into my new house. Before that, I had my cars in a garage together with friends in DTLA and we had a Triumph Professional Lift installed which was very good.

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Asked the neighbour first, saw him working on his orange BMW 2002 and he led me his jack. Well, he bought a Torin jack from Walmart and had used it just once. When I got it, it didn’t really jack up and it started leaking off. Tried it a few times, then the whole thing didn’t work at all, the release gear was stuck. It would not release safely with the car on the jack. It was next to impossible to rotate the arm and when it finally did, the car was practically (almost) falling to the ground.

I felt bad so I told my neighbour that I somehow broke it and that I would get him a new one. But since it was just a week old, he returned it to Walmart and got a refund.

How I got my extra long reach low profile floor jack

I’ve asked a few of my my car buddies and at the LA’s Cars and Coffee about which floor jack they’re using. One question, ten answers. But most of them recommended Arcan jacks. Arcan, never heard of them. For me it was very important to find a high quality floor jack with a low profile so I could get under the front of my rather low Carrera 3.o. And it should go high enough so if I would work underneath the car, I would have enough space. Honestly, I ordered three different ones from Amazon and checked them out for a day. Here’s my list and my results:

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

Profile: 3,75″-18″ – That’s the only 3-ton jack I’ve ordered. Truth be told, I didn’t think about the weight of the cars when ordering. Since all my cars are below 2 tons, there is no need for that one. What I can say is, the built quality of that floor jack was outstanding. I would have kept it in terms of quality, but in the end the range (3.75″-18″) was not what I needed.

Arcan 2-Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack

Profile: 3,5″-18,5″ – That one was way heavier but somehow easier to handle, however, the profile was not what I needed. If I would just need a little jack to lift up the car in order to change tires, I would go for this one.

Arcan 2-Ton Extra Long Reach Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Profile 2,75″-24″ – Exactly what I needed. Perfect combination of high built quality, excellent handling and the perfect range, fits my very low 911. I’ve been using that floor jack for about five months when writing this and I am still happy. Priced right and very durable.

After I made my decision to keep the Extra Long Reach Version of the Arcan Floor Jack, I also purchased some Jack Stands. Since I was convinced with the quality of Arcan, I bought two pairs of Arcan 3-Ton Jack Stands. Perfect match, very happy with them.