Everything you need to know about the Momo signature steering wheel series

The Momo signature series was a great idea from Momo. Some special steering wheels with the signatures of the most successful racing drivers. Jackie Stewart, Clay Regazzoni, Jacky Ickx, Niki Lauda, to name a few. And of course Momo made horn buttons as well, with illustrations of the helmets from the respective drivers. The series was a huge success.

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Over the years I got tons of mails regarding the Momo signature steering wheel series. And please, keep them coming! However, I’ve put together the most common questions with the respective answers for you. And as I said, if you have any more questions, just get in touch. Alright, here we go.

Which Momo steering wheels belong to the Momo signature steering wheel series?

Some people include the Momo Magnus Walker steering wheel into the list of Momo signature steering wheels, since there is a signature on it. There was even a wooden wheel with the engraved signature of Gianpiero Moretti, founder of Momo, some say this one belongs to the series as well. Same applies to the Momo John Player Special steering wheel, even though it does not have a signature on it.

Which Momo signature steering wheel was the first of the series?

The Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel appears to be the first of the entire series. It is the only one that was made before the 74-76 period and therefore had the stacked Momo logo on the back of the center spoke. All others had the Made in Italy / Made in Italy M 20340 stamping on the back or later production dates.

These are the production periods that I have compiled over the years. If you have a steering wheel from the signature series that was manufactured outside of these periods, please let me know.

Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel
MADE: stacked logo period (68-73) UNTIL 9-84

mint MOMO Clay Regazzoni steering wheel

Momo Clay Regazzoni steering wheel
MADE: Made in Italy (period of 74-76) UNTIL 9-80

Momo Jacky Ickx steering wheel 350mm

Momo Jacky Ickx steering wheel
MADE: Made in Italy (period of 74-76) UNTIL: 4-86

Momo Niki Lauda Signature Steering Wheel Silver 350mm

Momo Niki Lauda steering wheel
MADE: Made in Italy (period of 74-76) UNTIL 3-82

Momo Ronnie Peterson Signature Steering Wheel

Momo Ronnie Peterson steering wheel
MADE: Made in Italy (period of 74-76) UNTIL 12-83

Momo Mario Andretti Signature Steering Wheel

Momo Mario Andretti steering wheel
MADE: 6-79 UNTIL 12-81

Momo Gilles Villeneuve Steering Wheel

Momo Gilles Villeneuve steering wheel
MADE: 7-80 UNTIL 11-83

Momo Roland Asch Steering Wheel

Momo Roland Asch steering wheel
MADE: 12-91 UNTIL 6-94

Which is the rarest steering wheel of the Momo signature series?

The rarest steering wheel of the series I was told by a former Momo employee is the Momo Dieter Quester steering wheel. Followed by the Momo George Follmer & Momo Gilles Villeneuve steering wheel. The most common steering wheel of the Momo signature steering wheel series is the Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel. Main reason is the longest production period. All other wheels are in between in terms of rarity. Exact production numbers are unknown.

Did all the steering wheels come in silver and black?

Roughly half of the Momo signature steering wheels were available in black and silver finish. The Momo Ronnie Peterson, Momo Mario Andretti, Momo George Follmer, Momo Roland Asch and Momo Dieter Quester steering wheel came in black only. The Gianpiero Moretti signature steering wheel came in silver with a wooden rim.

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Do all Momo signature steering wheels have the same diameter?

All the Momo signature steering wheels were made with a diameter of 350mm. But there are three exceptions, additional sizes:

Is the grip size of the Momo signature steering wheels the same?

Well, the grip sizes are close together, but you can feel the difference. The rather small difference in diameter has a considerable effect on the circumference. Here’s the list, sorted from thick to thin.

Can’t say anything about the George Follmer, Dieter Quester and Roland Asch steering wheel.

Is the Momo Jackie Stewart the only flat Momo signature steering wheel?

Yes. The Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel is the only flat one among the series. All others are semi-dish steering wheels.

Did the Momo Clay Regazzoni steering wheel come with a horn pad?

No. However, the design is based on the Momo Prototipo S and some of those Prototipo S steering wheels came with a horn pad. The ones of the Momo signature series that came with a horn pad are the Momo Mario Andretti and the Momo Gilles Villeneuve

If you still have questions, just send me a message!

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