What is the best Momo steering wheel?

To be honest, there is no simple answer, but it makes sense to think about it. A steering wheel is not just a big, round thing that will be necessary until autonomous driving comes along. For our beloved classic sports cars, this horror vision will never happen. For me, a steering wheel is really something special. It is the only real connection of the driver with the car. The only connection that gives direct feedback. 

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If I steer strongly, the car responds to it. If I steer too hard, the direct connection will come to an end. Personally, I prefer old vintage steering wheels for classic sports cars that can tell a bit of its own history. I’m not alone with that, which of course – also affects the prices. Presumably, Momo thought so too and released a special edition which goes back to the beginnings of Momo: the Momo Heritage series. And a few of these wheels fit vintage cars pretty nicely.

Momo Heritage Prototipo Black

Best Momo steering wheel for the street: Momo Heritage Prototipo

The Momo Prototipo is certainly the most known steering wheel among the Momo steering wheels, the demand is unbroken and with the Momo Heritage the symbiosis of old tradition with modern technology is absolutely well accomplished. Just like in the years before, the Momo Prototipo is offered with a diameter of 350mm. What particularly speaks for the Momo Heritage Prototipo in a classic car is that Momo with much effort has given the leather a patinated look. So you get a new steering wheel, but it looks a bit like it’s got something to tell already. In addition, Momo has used the stacked logo again – this time on the front. The offer is rounded off by a special Momo Heritage horn button, black with a yellow stacked logo.

Of course, the Momo Heritage Prototipo is not only available in black. If you have silver interior pieces, the silver Momo Heritage Prototipo might be the right steering wheel for you and your classic.

Momo Heritage Indy Silver

Best wooden Momo steering wheel: Momo Heritage Indy

The perennial favorite among the wooden steering wheels of Momo is and remains the Momo Indy. This steering wheel is available from Momo since the 60s. If you want a wooden steering wheel, you should definitely go for that one. Wood is much more exposed to the tides and forces of nature than leather. It is very common to find cracks in the wood of very old wooden steering wheels, they quickly develop from moisture, drought and heat. Therefore, the Momo Heritage Indy is a good choice: the look of the early Indy steering wheels – but with mature and dried wood. Again, with the stacked logo from the period of 1968-1973 and the stacked logo horn button and in diameter 350mm.

The Momo Indy is not yet available with black aluminum spokes, but it’s coming in 2022. Other wooden options are the Momo Heritage Grand Prix and the Momo Heritage California

Momo Mod07

Best Momo steering wheel for the track: Momo Mod07

Well, for the track you definitely need something else, more grip and most likely a deeper dish. One that has always been my favourite for the track is the Momo Mod 07 Suede.
It’s the perfect stable wheel and it comes at a very reasonable price. Check it out!

Of course, there are more steering wheels out there, but if it should be a new steering wheel, then I would recommend one from the Momo Heritage Series or the Momo Mod 07 Suede for the track. But may be you’re also looking for a vintage steering wheel, then you might want to check out the ones I have for sale.