Race car or not a race car

As I said, I wanted to do it right this time. All the effort, chemical paint stripping and all that. And then buying a roll-cage or roll-bar and just bolt it in? Not my style. I wanted to build my own and I had a very clear picture on how it should look like. And I did have a spare roll-bar from a race car I once bought.

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Took it out of the storage and put it into the car – just for a second. Easy decision. Out of there.

I wanted a cross, a simple but beautiful cross. Call me a nerd but it had something to do with symmetry, I wanted it to be a treat for the eyes. That simple. See the difference and get that I mean? I like the look of a simple cross much more. What do you think? Let me know!

And of course I wanted some more stiffening in front. What could be better than another cross? Another little race car feature from the famous Porsche 911 RSR. Self-made again of course.

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