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Yes, I am known as a Porsche guy but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like and appreciate Ferrari. The opposite is the case. But since I can’t afford the Ferrari that I would like to own, I focus on books until further notice. These are in my opinion the best Ferrari Books, the books you need to have in your Ferrari Book Library. If there is anything I should read and might want to add – let me know!

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Ferrari 330 P4

One of my absolute favourites, this book covers the the legendary Ferrari 330/P4. You might have heard the term Ferrari-Ford-Wars. This is the Ferrari from the Mid 1960s people talk about. Only four of these endurance race cars were ever built. All about the technical history and development, all the records and of course the drivers, including Jackie Stewart. Beautiful pictures by the way and strictly limited.

Ferrari V12 Restorers Guide

As the title states, its more of a restorers guide than an actual book to read, by Keith Bluemel. He knows every single detail of every model down to the correct screw. This book is focused on the 275 GTB and later cars. Generally spoken, his books are extremely useful if you plan to restore a Vintage Ferrari and want to have it restored correctly.

Ferrari Berlinetta

This book focuses on a number of classic Ferrari models, the 250MM, 250 SWB, 250 GTO, 250 Lusso and the 275 GTB. If you’re interested in those cars, that’s the one to get. First class pictures of the most beautiful cars in the history of Ferrari but also great descriptions of all the models. Introduction by Sergio Pininfarina.

Ferrari by Pininfarina

Ferrari looks back on a number of great coach builders. Zagato, Vignale and of course Pininfarina.

This is in my opinion the best book about Pininfarinas work for Ferrari. A wide spectrum of cars are covered here, the 250s of course and the 375, but also cars like the 400 and the 308 as well as the F40. But cheap but totally worth the price.


This book is considered the bible for any serious Ferrari historian, full of technical detailed information especially on the racing history that Ferrari has. Hans Tanner took details very seriously and collected beautiful photos into the book. A must have for any Ferrari enthusiast. 

Ferrari: 40 Years On The Road

This book tells everything about Ferrari from the so-called Golden Period, 1947-1967 in which Ferrari made some of the most beautiful road cars. the 340, 342 and 375 as well as the legendary 250 series. That book includes a number of rare photos from motor shows. A great Ferrari road car summary with interesting and rare photos. As I said, road cars only.