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Blue Bad Boy BMW 2002

BMW 2002 – the ultimate driving machine

The idea to restomod a BMW 2002 is not new, of course not. Guys have been doing that for years, decades. To do that myself is not new either. And when I learned that my buddy Oliver is working on such a machine up there in San Francisco, I pricked up my ears. 

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Porsche Garages – very rarely just a garage

A Porsche Garage is so much more

In most cases, a Porsche garage is not just a place to park a car. It is a place to relax, to relax after a long and hard day. A place where the history of one of the most exciting family businesses can be experienced and felt. Often a hodgepodge of memories, memorabilia from days long past that tell of racing history. Posters, badges, trophies, old worn steering wheels.

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What is patina anyway?

The future of finitude

Classic cars are like clocks, guitars, cameras, old jeans, shoes – the traces that tell from their lives make them so interesting for so many people. Patina is what results from normal use and normal aging. Leather that rubs off, dials of watches that turn yellow, paint that fades or cracks under the sun.

The classic car scene discusses enough about which originality is worth preserving and which no longer passes as patina. Simple rust from neglect is probably not one of them. But as I said, others should discuss that. This is more about what makes patina so special and what’s behind it.

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Shortest Article ever: PATIPATINA Stickers

Yes, shortest article ever. A lot of guys were asking for stickers, here they are. Boom. Plastic (outdoor) stickers, diameter of 3.1 inches or 8 centimetres. They come with the with the purchase of any steering wheel or a horn button– until they are gone.

EDIT: all gone

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Homage to the Deutsche Bundespost – the Postgolf

The Postgolf

This vehicle may not fit in the dream garage – or maybe it does. A piece of contemporary history – for Volkswagen and the Deutsche Bundespost – which has not been called that for a long time. First Deutsche Post – then parts of it DHL.

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A (Porsche) Dream Garage

What is a dream garage anyway? Fantastically located, fantastically large, fantastic cars? Not so easy to answer. Still, I found it. A few weeks ago when I was visiting a friend. Where can you find something like this? Not in California, not in New York or Boston, not even in Europe. No, in the heart of Thailand, in the land of smiles, in the middle of Bangkok.

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Martini Racing – most well-known race car sponsor

Every not-so-young car-aficionado will remember all the alcohol and tobacco sponsors that were allowed to sponsor without limitations in the 70s and 80s. If the sponsorship would have worked out the way marketing directors would have hoped, a lot of racing fans would be alcoholic. A few names will pop-up such as Rothmans Porsche, Marlboro Ferrari and of course: Martini Racing. Some might say, more people know Martini Racing than its origin – the Martini Vermouth, manufactured by Martini & Rossi since 1863 near Turin, Italy.

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Das Treffen 4 – Epicenter of Southeast Asian Porsche culture

Das Treffen – more than just a gathering

When you think of the Porsche scene, Germany, Stuttgart or Zuffenhausen probably comes to mind first. Maybe North America, California, Rennsport, Luftgekühlt, Deus Ex Machina in L.A. Maybe the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. But Thailand? Ever heard of Das Treffen?
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Visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

A must for any Porsche enthusiast

After a few month of continuous working I took two weeks off in order to go to Italy and drive some of the amazing alpine mountain roads with a car I still have in Europe. Being a Porsche aficionado for such a long time, I’ve never made it to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. 
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Magnus Walker – the Urban Outlaw in Hamburg

Magnus Walker signed steering wheels for patipatina

At the last weekend, Magnus Walker once again visited Hamburg, his absolute favorite city in Germany. Asked about the reasons, he answered jokingly that he likes Hamburgers and that’s why he likes to be in Hamburg (eating Hamburgers). However, it’s more the architecture, the friendly people and the many classic cars. Yes, they really exist. Lots of classic cars on the streets. May be the reason was the yearly Stadtparkrevival, a classic car and motorcycle festival in the middle of the city.
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