What is a dream garage anyway?

Fantastically located, fantastically large, fantastic cars? Not so easy to answer. Still, I found it. A few weeks ago when I was visiting a friend. Where can you find something like this? Not in California, not in New York or Boston, not even in Europe. No, in the heart of Thailand, in the land of smiles, in the middle of Bangkok.

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Well, I love Thailand, the culture, the food and not least the people. In December 2019, I attended Das Treffen 4, the Porsche annual meeting in Bangkok with a lot of cool and very special cars in a very relaxed and easy atmosphere. Tenn, editor of the GT Porsche Thailand magazine and organizer of the event invited me to come over to his house and take a look at his garage.

Dream Garage isn’t quite right, it is a Dream House. The love for the cars, design and the attention to detail makes it just perfect.

Like almost all of us, he fell in love with the 911 as a child, read a lot and had the chance to drive a brand new 911 at some point. Well, the Porsche virus. One day he was offered the neighboring property, an incredible stroke of luck, in the middle of Bangkok. The cars should have a home that was previously half-open outside. Not very conducive to the climate in Bangkok, hot, humid, rain.

The idea was to create a living space with clear design that enables life with the cars, open, bright and flexible at the same time. A friend of Tenn is an architect and just as crazy about cars as he is and together with him the dream came true in 1.5 years.

A modified car lift was installed between the two houses, which makes it possible to see a car at any time from the top floor of the house, from the kitchen or the living area.

Tenn regularly changes the cars on the upper platform, just as he drives his Porsches (almost) as a daily drivers. What a view for breakfast.