A must for any Porsche enthusiast

After a few month of continuous working I took two weeks off in order to go to Italy and drive some of the amazing alpine mountain roads with a car I still have in Europe. Being a Porsche aficionado for such a long time, I’ve never made it to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. 

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Now it was time to go. And what can I say, it was an outstanding experience. Of course, I go to the Cars & Coffee in LA regularly and to the Luftgekuhlt event here, but the museum is something different. While you see beautiful replicas and show cars at the events, the museum displays the real cars. Thats the real deal.

first Porsche 356 from 1948

Outstanding condition

Even if you’ve seen these cars on TV or replicas at some of the events, these beauties in their natural habitat is something different. All the Porsche cars from the beginning to the latest evolution. Street cars and race cars alike. Enjoy a few impressions.

Porsche 550 Spyder

No. 55

I am a bit sorry that I am only showing you some of the cars and only the older ones as I lost interest in the cars after the Porsche 964. Interesting to see that the first ever made Turbo came in a SC flared chassis, so I assume they took a Carrera or Carrera 3.0 chassis to put the Turbo engine in. While still non-intercooled, the early Turbo wing and the Carrera wing was the same anyway, so the only difference from the outside was the more narrow chassis. Have a look at the interior, isn’t that amazing? Would love to have that in my silver Carrera 3.0.

very first Porsche 911 Turbo in a Carrera Chassis

Carrera from the outside but Turbo inside

one of the most beautiful interiors I’ve ever seen

Red leather, blue/red tartan

I also enjoyed the details on the orange 911 RSR car they had on display, the air intake and the center lock rims with old school AVON race tires.

Racing hood pins on the RSR

RSR Air intake

MFI powered RSR engine

center lock racing wheels

Well, Rallye Porsches or Safari Porsches popped up everywhere lately, but as I said before – Replicas. Nothing against it, I did it myself (gonna show you the car soon) but to see the originals and some of the details that are particularly special was super cool. This is the original Waldegaard car he raced in 1978 at the East African Rallye.

Additional lights and the horn on the hood

Beautiful Martini livery

Faded Martini livery on the Safari 911

spare tire and first aid kit (with a sunburn)

special double shock suspension and steering rack

all terrain tires on Fuchs wheels

double coilover suspension

evidence of hard use

Overall it’s absolutely worth a visit. Not only because of the huge variety of cars on display. The building itself is worth a visit in terms of architecture and design. And don’t forget to stop by the Museum shop. Huge selection of cars in 1:43 and bigger, clothing, books and other memorabilia.

lovely race car in red and yellow

big Porsche emblem on the rear wing