What is the best Spark Plug wrench?

Anyone who has ever changed spark plugs on a Porsche 911 – I’m talking about the models of 1964-1989 – knows how difficult it is to get to some of the spark plugs.

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And if you have removed the hot air hoses on the left side to get to the ignition cables, then it is still difficult, because most spark plug wrenches doesn’t fit well for all six cylinders. Spark plug sockets are a problem because they are too short or too long and if you want to use an extension, then that too is either too short or too long. I’ve tried so many different ones and I finally found a spark plug wrench, which is perfect for all 6 cylinders and very easy to use. The length is easily changeable to loosen, unscrew, pull out, reinsert and screw in.

Hazet Spark Plug Wrench

3 adjustment options in terms of length

Hazet Spark Plug Wrench

Longest adjustment of the Hazet 2505-2 spark plug wrench

Hazet 2505-2 Spark Plug Wrench:

20.8mm – 3/8″ Drive, adjustable length

How to change spark plugs on a Porsche 911?

On the right side, the ignition cables and thus spark plugs are easily accessible. It’s a bit harder on the left side. First, the two air hoses on the left side, respectively the driver’s side have to be removed. To do this, loosen the two hose clamps and push the two air hoses aside until the ignition cables on the left side can be reached. Then remove the respective ignition cables and then remove the spark plugs by turning the spark plugs with the spark plug wrench counterclockwise to loosen. Then put the new spark plugs back in with the spark plug wrench. Hand-tighten and put the wires back on until the click sound is heard. Then re-attach the air hoses and tighten the hose clamps.

How often to change spark plugs on a Porsche 911?

Most experts recommend replacing the spark plugs every 7500mls (or app 12500km). In the same rhythm, I also adjust the valves and thus always have a very good result.