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A very rare 370mm Momo Signature Steering Wheel

A lot of collectors that I know started somehow with the Momo Signature Series and I am one of them. Everyone has his favourites but truth be told, I collected all of them, everything I could get and there are still boxes with steering wheels that I haven’t had the chance to open yet. This one here is a very very rare version from the famous Momo Signature Series: the Momo Niki Lauda 370mm Steering Wheel version.

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What’s so special about the Momo Niki Lauda 370?

Well, you might have read the article about the Momo signature series and you might even remember, that those steering wheels were all available in 350mm diameter. And there were to exceptions in 320mm, the Momo Jacky Ickx and the Momo Gilles Villeneuve.

And there was another exception: the only Momo signature series steering wheel that was available in 370mm diameter. The Momo Niki Lauda 370.

Unfortunately, just like with all the other Momo signature steering wheels, there are no production numbers available. What I can say is, while having had or seen about one hundred Momo Niki Lauda 350mm steering wheels, I’ve only seen two in 370mm. One in black from my buddy John and this one here in silver with lovely patina.

Momo Niki Lauda 370 Steering Wheel - Side

Momo Niki Lauda 370mm diameter steering wheel

Momo Niki Lauda 370 Steering Wheel - Niki Lauda Signature Horn Button

Typical Momo Niki Lauda steering wheel shape & Niki Lauda signature horn button

Momo Niki Lauda 370 Steering Wheel - Back side

Back of the rare 370mm Momo Niki Lauda steering wheel

Momo Niki Lauda 370 Steering Wheel - Made 7-81

Made in Italy in 7-81


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Momo Niki Lauda Signature Steering Wheel Silver 350mm


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