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The Momo Clay Regazzoni signature steering wheel

The Momo Clay Regazzoni steering wheel is perhaps the most beautiful of the entire Momo signature series. It is based on the Momo Prototipo S, and at the same time shows visual aspects of the successful Prototipo model. The shape, size and dish are identical to the Prototipo S, plus it has the holes of the legendary Prototipo. It was available – like the Prototipo – in black and silver, but only in 350mm.

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The Momo Clay Regazzoni steering wheel is a bit less common than the Momo Jackie Stewart, a bit more rare as the Momo Jacky Ickx, but not as rare as the Momo Ronnie Peterson.

Momo Clay Regazzoni Steering Wheel 350 mm Silver

silver Momo Clay Regazzoni signature steering wheel

Momo Clay Regazzoni Steering Wheel 350mm

black Momo Clay Regazzoni signature steering wheel

Facts about the Momo Clay Regazzoni steering wheel

  • Brand: Momo
  • Model: Clay Regazzoni signature steering wheel
  • Base: Prototipo S
  • Production years: mid 70s – early 80s
  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • Material: black leather
  • Color: silver and black
  • Shape: semi dish

The Clay Regazzoni helmet horn button

The helmet horn button was available in the early style chrome version and the later style no-chrome-ring version. Until now I have never seen a Clay Regazzoni signature horn button. If there is one, please let me know!

early chrome ring Momo Clay Regazzoni helmet horn button

Clay Regazzoni Helmet Horn Button

later Momo Clay Regazzoni helmet horn button

About the racing driver: Clay Regazzoni

Clay Regazzoni, who was born as Gian-Claudio Guiseppe Regazzoni on 5 September 1939 in Porza in Ticino and he was a true late starter as far as Formula 1 is concerned. He started his Formula 1 carrer at the age of 30 with Ferrari.

At the age of 25, he started racing, two years later he started competing in the Formula 3, then in the Formula 2. It was 1970, in his first year at Ferrari in the Formula 1, he finished third in the drivers’ world championship. Clay Regazzoni valued Niki Lauda very much and encouraged Enzo Ferrari to offer him a contract in 1974. From that time on they drove together for Ferrari and led the Ferrari team back to the top. In 1977, Clay Regazzoni eventually drove for Ensign because he had to leave Ferrari due to an accident caused by him with Niki Lauda. In 1979, he eventually changed to Williams and won the first Grand Prix victory for Williams ever. In 1980, after he returned to Ensign, in the 4th race in Long Beach, he had a serious accident, resulting in paralysis.

Despite his handicap, he raced several times in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Clay Regazzoni died in 2006 in a truck collision accident. The cause of the accident was never explained.

Clay won 5 Grand Prix victories in his Formula 1 career, 4 with Ferrari, 3 in his time with Niki Lauda. His greatest success was certainly the vice-world championship in 1974.


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