What is so special about this Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel?

It’s probably just a collectors thing: if you look at the steering wheel, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it. Just a normal Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel.
Momo made them from the early 70s until the mid 80s. So we’re talking about more than 10 years and different ways of stamping. First the stacked Momo Logo, after that was “Made in Italy”, then “Made in Italy M 20340” and finally Momo started to use the production date, e.g. M-YY.

Looks like any other Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel

Nothing special here

So we most likely know which of these stampings are from which era even though those eras are generously divided into years like 1968-1973 & 1974-1976. But there is no chance to know exactly or approach a more precise production date in these years.

Well, it seems there is one. This Momo Jackie Stewart here is incorrectly stamped.

How do I know it’s incorrectly stamped?

This MOMO Jackie Stewart here has two different stamps on the back.

First, the mentioned stacked Momo Logo which tells us it’s from the years 1968-1973. And then there is another stamp – the Made in Italy stamp which refers to the production years of 1974-1976.

Two stamps on the back: the stacked Momo Logo and the Made in Italy stamp

Made in Italy over stacked Momo

But what does that tell us?

Maybe it has been produced in the night of New Years Eve of 1973, exactly at midnight. Okay, just joking. And since we don’t know whether the stamping was changed exactly at the end of the year, we know nothing. Unfortunately.

If you’re looking closely, it looks as if the stacked Logo was there and they stamped the Made in Italy on top of it. So most likely a already produced steering wheel base with the old logo and then stamped again without knowing that the old stacked Logo was on it already.

Anyway, a very unique Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel that will stay in the my collection.

You have a Momo Steering Wheel with an incorrectly stamping? Let me know and send some pictures!