The famous Momo Jackie Stewart signature wheel

My first real Porsche had a huge and at the same time super thin steering wheel, a Momo Monza, 380mm diameter. Many steering wheels in the 60s were like that. On the one hand, the wheels were bigger, on the other hand there was no power steering or anything like that, imagine parallel parking. With these huge steering wheels, it was way easier and at the same time you could get a nice biceps.

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The wheels got smaller, the cars lighter and there was really no reason for a huge steering wheel anymore. Then I fell in love with the Momo Jackie Stewart signature steering wheel.

And that’s how my passion with Momo steering wheels started

I wanted the opposite – a smaller steering wheel with a thicker grip. At first, I looked around at swap meets, got familiar with different sizes and types of steering wheels. And then I struck: A Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel, black, 350mm in diameter and with a thick grip. The thickest grip I could find. With beautiful patina, similar to the steering wheel in the photo. So actually, the Jackie Stewart was not my first Momo, but the first one I bought without a car attached. I still have that wheel – no longer in the car, but in a frame on the wall.

black Momo Jackie Stewart signature steering wheel

Misprint, two different markings

Facts about the Momo Jackie Stewart signature steering wheel

  • Brand: Momo
  • Model: Jackie Stewart signature steering wheel
  • Production years: early 70s – early 80s
  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Thickness: 34mm
  • Material: black leather
  • Color: available in black  or silver anodized
  • Shape: flat
Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel Silver - Stacked Momo Logo

silver Momo Jackie Stewart signature steering wheel

Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel Silver - Stacked Momo Logo - Stacked Logo

Stacked logo, made between 1968-1973

The Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel was available in silver and black throughout a long period, therefore Momo sold them with different markings on the back. The early ones came with the stacked Momo logo, from 1974-1976 they had either only “Made in Italy” or “Made in Italy M20340” stamped on the back. In 1977 Momo started stamping the respective month and year of production onto the wheel.

Momo Jackie Stewart helmet & signature horn buttons

Like the steering wheels, the horn buttons have changed over the years. The very early ones had a chrome ring around the actual horn switch, the newer ones had a black plastic ring instead. In addition to the helmet horn buttons, very notable signature horn buttons were also available. These were available in different color combinations, with Jackie Stewart’s signature I’ve had black with a silver signature, red with a black signature and yellow with a black signature. They were all made by Momo.

Momo Jackie Stewart Helmet Horn Button - early chrome ring

early Jackie Stewart helmet horn button

Jackie Stewart Helmet Horn Button

later Jackie Stewart helmet horn button

Momo Jackie Stewart signature horn button

black Jackie Stewart signature horn button

red Jackie Stewart signature horn button

Momo signature steering wheels for sale

About the racing driver Jackie Stewart

Sir John Young “Jackie” Stewart was born on June 11, 1939 in Milton, Scotland. As a sporty all-rounder he decided to go racing, he was also very talented in shooting at a young age. The qualification for the Olympic Games, he just missed and henceforth dedicated himself to racing fully. In the lower classes Jackie Stewart dominated the entire field very quickly and in 1965 he moved on to the Formula 1 and signed a contract with BRM. But he couldn’t keep up the successes he had in the lower classes.
In 1966, Jackie Stewart had a serious accident, fortunately with only light injuries. However, since then, Jackie Stewart has been committed to vehicle safety and established some safety aspects that became standard in the Formula 1. After Niki Laudas serious accident ​10 years he got involved in safety at racetracks. The year 1967 became the successful year for Jackie Stewart in the Formula 1 he was waiting for. Tyrrell, whom Stewart knew from earlier, had founded his own team and built a Ford Cosworth powered car. Jackie Stewart immediately became runner-up with the new car and the newly formed team. In 1969, Jackie Stewart became World Champion for the first time, with a huge gap ahead of the second of the table, Jacky Ickx. 1971 followed the second world title and in 1973 the third title and as promised to his wife Helen, he finished his career after the 1973 season.
Jackie Stewart became Formula 1 world champion 3 times in 8 years, winning 27 Grand Prix titles. He is also the oldest living Formula 1 World champion.

Niki Lauda & James Hunt

Niki Lauda Steering Wheel Ad

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