Keiba Ring pliers – Made in Japan

All on one – internal & external ring pliers

The japanese are known for being clever, thinking up great things and, thanks to their kaizen strategies, they keep revolutionizing branches of business life, even if they have been on the market for a long time and with a lot of experience. So they made these awesome pliers which I had to buy. And to be frank with you, all I’ve bought in Japan was …

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I needed a change and went to Japan on a stupid whim. Wanted to see how life has changed in the last two years and thought – hey, I like Japan, Japan has always been good to me. And the food is great. Oh, one more thing. Japan has the most amazing tool shops and parts shops. Up Garage for example.

Spent even more time in a tool shop and bought these two little neat tools. Not that I don’t have ring pliers already, but I just liked the smart thinking that went into making these great pliers. Nothing special you might think and I understand that, I was really impressed and bought these two in different sizes and another pair for a friend. One is good for both, internal AND external rings, which is a cool thing. So I went to Japan and all I got was this pair of pliers that I wanted to show you guys. 

Keiba Ring Pliers - different sizes

Keiba ring pliers

Ring pliers for external and internal rings

Keiba ring pliers – magnetic opening adjustment

My Japanese isn’t that great to be honest. I mean, I get around, find a hotel, something to eat and get back to the airport. But for that purpose and just out of kicks, I’ve used google translate and it worked okay. I mean … I tried to find out which are the four (4-in-1) functions. Ideas?

Four in one snap ring pliers

Translated with Google

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them here in the US, neither online nor offline. So if you came here to find a suggestion on great internal ring pliers and external ring pliers, I can recommend the ones I had before and still have – now as a backup. They are very durable and high quality made in Germany pliers.

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