The clean Momo Niki Lauda signature steering wheel

The Momo Niki Lauda signature steering wheel represents the characteristics of Niki Lauda probably like no other from the series. Straight and straightforward, direct, clearly focused and a good grip, which is a little thicker – similar to the Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel

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The Momo Niki Lauda steering wheel was available in silver and black and has a diameter of 350mm. However, there is a very small number of Momo Niki Lauda steering wheels out there that have the much more desirable diameter of 370mm. Here is one example of the Momo Niki Lauda 370mm signature steering wheel, unfortunately without the signature.

Momo Niki Lauda steering wheel for sale

black Momo Niki Lauda signature steering wheel

Black Momo Niki Lauda Steering Wheel - Made 12-80

Made 12-80

Facts about the Momo Niki Lauda steering wheel

  • Brand: Momo
  • Model: Niki Lauda signature steering wheel
  • Production years: mid 70s – mid 80s
  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Thickness: 32mm
  • Material: black leather
  • Color: silver and black
  • Shape: semi dish
Momo Niki Lauda Signature Steering Wheel Silver 350mm

black Momo Niki Lauda signature steering wheel

Niki Lauda Steering Wheel - Momo Signature Silver - Made in Italy

Made in Italy, made between 1974-1976

The Niki Lauda helmet horn buttons

The Niki Lauda helmet horn button is one of the rarest out there, harder to find than the Jacky Ickx, Jackie Stewart or Clay Regazzoni. Good news is: Niki Lauda signature horn buttons were available in a number of colours, black and beige with a silver signature and red and yellow with a black signature respectively. And they are easier to find.

Momo Niki Lauda Helmet Horn Button

Niki Lauda helmet horn button

Niki Lauda black signature horn button

Momo Niki Lauda Signature Horn Button

Niki Lauda yellow signature horn button

Momo signature Steering wheels for sale

About the racing driver Niki Lauda

“Niki” Andreas Nikolaus Lauda was born on February 22, 1949 in Vienna. He died recently, on May 20, 2019 in Zurich. At the age of 19 he started his racing career, at his first race he finished second, quickly moved on to the Formula 3 and into Formula 2. In 1971 he started racing in the Formula 1 for BRM and impressed Enzo Ferrari so much that he – with the encouragement of Clay Regazzoni – offered Niki Lauda a contract with Ferrari. Ferrari needed success, for 10 years Ferrari couldn’t win a World Cup. Niki had a big stake of influence on the development of the car and spent a lot of time on the test track testing and developing the car. That year, Niki celebrated his first Grand Prix victory, but worked continuously on the car. In the 1975 season, he became World champion for the first time with the completely modified vehicle, winning  5 Grand Prix titles.

The following year, Niki Lauda was initially extremely successful with the car, until a tragic accident on August 1st, 1976. Out of a sudden, the car came off track, off to the right and hit a wall and immediately went up in flames. Several other race cars drove into the accident site, the race was canceled while four drivers tried to rescue Lauda from the burning car. He suffered a variety of burns – even on the face and burned his lungs hard. Until today, the cause of the accident was never officially announced. The poor accessibility of the route for rescue vehicles was one of the reasons to hold no more Formula 1 races on the Nordschleife. In consequence of the accident and efforts of Jackie Stewart, safety standards were significantly increased on racetracks.

After the crash, Lauda missed only two races and started again at the Italian Grand Prix, but he couldn’t win the title anymore, he finished as runner-up. In the following year 1977, however, Niki Lauda confirmed his skills and became World champion again with 3 Grand Prix victories in the season. The connection with Ferrari, however, turned difficult after Niki Lauda has signed with Brabham. In those two years with Brabham he had many failures of the car and ended his career – also to devote himself more to building his airline.

In 1982, Niki Lauda surprisingly returned to the Formula 1 and drove the much safer – thanks to carbon fiber reinforced – McLaren, but due to the rather weak Ford naturally aspirated engine McLaren couldn’t keep up with the competition. The next season, McLaren started with the more powerful TAG Porsche turbo engine and McLaren became the most successful team and Niki Lauda World champion for the 3rd time. At the end of the 1985 season, Niki Lauda finished his career after winning 3 World titles and 25 Grand Prix victories.

Niki Lauda & James Hunt

Niki Lauda steering wheel ad

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