When John Surtees won the Formula 1 World Championship in a Ferrari 158 F1 in 1964, no one suspected that this connection would become the closest in Momo’s company history. Momo did not exist at that time and it wouldn’t have become what it is today without this collaboration.

Gianpiero Moretti, who was a racing driver himself back then, had a local craftsman make a steering wheel for his race car. It had a thicker grip than the steering wheels available at that time and other racing drivers quickly became aware of the special steering wheel and asked Gianpiero to make one for them too. Including John Surtees. After his success at the 1964 World Championships and a rather great attention on his steering wheel, Gianpiero turned his passion into a business and started MOMO – for Moretti Monza.

This is how the connection between Ferrari and Momo began. In the following years, Momo also partnered with other manufacturers, such as Porsche, Lotus, Maserati, Alfa Romeo or others like Alpina and Abarth. But Ferrari always remained something very special. Momo and Ferrari went beyond the world of competition and as you may know, Momo has also manufactured steering wheels for the serial production of Ferrari’s road vehicles for many years. Some of these steering wheels Momo modified slightly for retail, some of these steering wheels became legends.

Ferrari Testarossa Steering Wheel For Sale

Ferrari Testarossa Steering Wheel

Ferrari Testarossa Steering Wheel For Sale - Ferrari Logo Horn Button

Ferrari Horn Button also made by Momo

Legends, such as the steering wheel for the Ferrari Testarossa that was also available as option for the earlier Ferrar 512 and other Ferraris. But thats not the only steering wheel Momo did for Ferraris road cars. Momo did also wheels for the Ferrari Dino, the Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona, the Ferrari 308 and the Ferrari Mondial.

Facts about the Ferrari Testarossa Steering Wheel 

  • Manufacturer: Momo for Ferraris serial production of road cars
  • Model: Ferrari Testarossa
  • Production years: Lifespan of the Ferrari Testarossa / 512
  • Diameter: 370mm
  • Thickness: 28mm
  • Material: black leather
  • Color: black
  • Shape: semi-dish
  • Specialty: developed as Ferrari Testarossa steering wheel, also sold as Momo Gritti with slight changes
Ferrari 206 208 248 306 308 348 Dino Cavallino Steering Wheel For Sale

Ferrari Cavallino Steering Wheel

Ferrari 206 208 248 306 308 348 Dino Cavallino Steering Wheel For Sale - Ferrari Button

Ferrari Horn Button also made by Momo

Most known from those years has always been the Momo Cavallino which has been derived from the Momo Ferrari F1 racing steering wheels programme. The idea behind this wheel was not to create a steering wheel for a specific Ferrari car but a Momo steering wheel that embodies sportiness as well as Ferraris Formula 1 heritage. A lot of Ferrari owners are still putting this wheel into their cars – due to the heritage of course but also because of the size and the thick grip.

Facts about the Momo Ferrari Cavallino Steering Wheel

  • Manufacturer: Momo
  • Model: Ferrari Cavallino
  • Production years: mid 70s – early 80s
  • Diameter: 350mm or 380mm
  • Thickness: 32mm
  • Material: black leather
  • Color: black / silver
  • Shape: semi-dish
  • Specialty: derived from Ferraris F1 Programme