The best suede steering wheel

A classic (race or track car) steering wheel: Momo Rally 2000

Not so fast. I’m often asked if suede steering wheels are meant for everyday use. Of course, that depends on what you do on a daily basis. But for those who are not on the racetracks of this world every day, it might need a closer look. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a suede steering wheel? What do I have to consider with a suede steering wheel? An overview is needed and here it comes.

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Advantages or Pros of a suede steering wheel

Let’s start with the good things, that’s actually why we’re here. We want to find out which is the best suede Momo steering wheel. 

First off, it feels great. Very comfortable and soft, even at different temperatures. When it’s freezing outside it doesn’t feel as cold as a leather steering wheel and when it’s hot outside you don’t feel like you’re burning your fingers. Both come from the open, breathing structure of this type of leather. So supposedly perfect for sunny Southern California. Apart from that, of course, the nap finish or velvet finish makes it look amazing, even luxurious. And yes, it’s more grippy. The fibrous surface helps keep your hands where they’re supposed to be. Of course, this is particularly important on the race track, at high speeds, in sharp bends and during strenuous manoeuvres. That brings us to the main purpose, racing cars, racetracks.

Of course you can also use a suede steering wheel in your everyday car, but also note the disadvantages.

Disadvantages or Cons of a suede steering wheel

Suede steering wheels tend to get dirty and stained relatively quickly. That’s because the open, fibrous napped finish on suede steering wheels traps all sorts of dirt, dust, grease and oil. Most of which will be absorbed from your hands. So it is very important to clean a suede steering wheel frequently. If you do so, you can enjoy it much longer. How to clean a suede steering wheel – is described in the linked article. That works very well if you do it regularly, but still, due to their porous nature, you won’t get out every bit of grease or staines. And finally, suede steering wheels wear out quicker than others, such as full-grain leather. The thin fibers are not so well protected and they are more prone to being damaged while heavily using the wheel on the track. So it is most likely not the ideal surface material for a daily driver, but perfect for track use.

My favourite suede Momo steering wheel

Well, as I announced, there is something else. Something you can’t buy new. Even used, it’s incredibly difficult to find, only with luck. And I can congratulate you, because you are lucky! My absolute favourite suede Momo steering wheel: The Momo Rally 2000. The most classic looking suede steering wheel made by Momo. Inspired by the Momo Prototipo style, Momo made this beautiful steering wheel in the early 1990s until the early 2000s. Nowadays, you don’t find much info about the wheel and it’s even harder to get one. Try the usual sources. You probably won’t find one, just a few pictures. As I said, my favourite, have or had it in a number of cars, including my Saab 900 SPG.

mint MOMO Rally 2000 steering wheel

Best suede steering wheel:
Momo Rally 2000

Inspired by the beloved Prototipo and with a similarity to the Momo MOD 07 but with a regular 40 mm dish which enables you to reach your blinker without any hassle. The Momo Rally 2000 is the ideal steering wheel for someone who would love to have the most classic suede steering wheel in a daily driver (or a track car) with the most ecstatic look and benefits of a suede steering wheel with the perfect size, not only for a classic Porsche, of 360mm in diameter.
Find Momo Rally 2000 suede steering wheels available for purchase below.

Momo rally 2000 steering wheels for sale

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