The “cheaper” Momo Le Mans steering wheel

Vinyl and cross stitching

A vintage Momo steering wheel is an automotive icon, no doubt about it. Renowned for its exceptional quality, style, and sometimes innovation. From its humble beginnings in the mid 1960s, the Momo steering wheel has become a symbol of car racing and Italian craftsmanship, beloved by car enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. Back in the years, it was an instant success which even Moretti, founder of the Momo company, surprised.

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The Momo Le Mans steering wheel was one of the first ones to be produced by Momo, starting somewhen between 1964 and 1966. At that time, the steering wheel had the very early stamp on the back, “No. 12707 MOMO Made in Italy”. Momo continued production over several years and several stampings on the back, up until the mid 1970s. Not many have been made in the late period which is also known as the second generation of the Momo Le Mans steering wheel with the silk-screen-printed Le Mans logo.

The Momo Le Mans was designed to be the cheaper option compared to other steering wheels available at that time. However, it was not significantly cheaper, which meant that car enthusiasts could still get their hands on a higher quality steering wheel without breaking the bank. Today however, the other ones like the Momo Monza or Momo Elite are much harder to find and way more expensive.

The Momo Le Mans steering wheel was characterized by its vinyl cover instead of leather and cross-stitching, which distinguished it from other Momo steering wheels (except the Momo Sebring). This made it a more affordable option, but it did not compromise on style or performance. However, the vinyl cover has almost always shrunk a little bit over the years, leaving a gap at the 7 o’clock position.

Momo Le Mans Steering Wheel For Sale

Momo Le Mans steering wheel, made 1966/1967

Momo Le Mans steering wheel

Momo Le Mans steering wheel, made 1966/1967

Vintage Steering Wheels for sale

Patent Momo Italy (stamping from 1966/1967)

Typical vinyl gap + cross stitching

The Momo Le Mans of the first generation came in two different colours, black and silver. It was available in various sizes, 355mm being the most common. Others were 315mm and 380mm in diameter. In the second generation, the Momo Le Mans was available in 320mm and 350mm, being the more common. The Momo Le Mans steering wheels has always been a flat steering wheel, even though they were later still made in a time when semi-dish steering wheels became the more common choice. Seems like Momo simply sticked to the roots on this one. 

The Momo Le Mans steering wheel has undergone several iterations over the years, with various sizes and two generations, but its essence has remained the same: a reliable and functional steering wheel that exudes style and elegance.

But it’s not just the Momo steering wheel’s outward appearance that makes it special. Its inner beauty lies in its differences, with each wheel possessing its own unique character and history. The wear and tear on a well-used Momo steering wheel tell a story, revealing its owner’s journey and the memories they’ve shared with their vehicle.

Momo Le Mans steering wheel, 350mm, second generation

second generation Momo Le Mans

typical Momo Le Mans vinyl + cross stitching