General Momo – GM steering wheel made by momo

A true gem from the Momo and GM partnership for the Corvette C3 – OPSW

Other people’s steering wheels again. Yeah, but an interesting one that you definitely don’t see every day. Me neither. For all those who think that every steering wheel manufacturer has its own bolt pattern, produces nothing else, ignores car manufacturers and does its own thing… Well, that may also exist, has most likely existed, if ever. Well, we have already taken a closer look at the many different bolt pattern of steering wheels, unfortunately no standardization, but sometimes it is also a question of design, where the function follows the design and not the other way around, as with the Victor steering wheels.

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But what about the others, Momo and Nardi for example? 6x70mm or 6x74mm? Really? Some people just didn’t make any holes every now and then, was it a good idea to leave it to Tim Taylor’s craftsmanship? Anyway, this shouldn’t become a fundamental philosophical debate, it just came to mind when I was looking at the photos of this steering wheel that I would like to present to you today.

6×2.75″ PCD

And the GM slots

We have already seen some very special steering wheels here that were produced by Momo for one or another car manufacturer, some with an exclusive design, some slightly customized with horn pads, different sizes, etc. Some better than others, but mostly it was more about the European manufacturers, mostly of sportier vehicles. Well, I don’t want to question the sportiness here, but Momo actually made something for the American market too. Whether these are sports cars or not, I think they are, but that’s up to your imagination. We’re talking about GM, General Motors.

Revving back in time: Best 1970s sports cars by General Motors

But when I think about it more closely, I can think of a few that might fit into this category. For those who were children in the 1970s, this will definitely bring back a few memories. The Chevelle LS6 of course, Camaro and the beloved Corvette. C3 in this case, made 1968-1982.

And in fact, for this very vehicle there was also a Momo steering wheel, made exactly for this purpose, this vehicle. Until 1982, with slots, like the stock wheel. And as far as I know only in black and only made from 1980 onwards till the end of production. Oh yes, that was the time of black, chrome was somehow over, a look back into the 1970s only works with sunglasses – because of all the chrome and the dazzling effect.

This beauty came in 15″ only (380mm) and as a wooden version, just like the big Momo Indy from that era but with slots. And it comes with a bolt pattern of 6×2.75″ (6x70mm), so the regular Momo bolt pattern, but turned 30 degrees (to either left or right). This particular one was made in 9-82.

beautiful wooden General Motors Momo

Back of the steering wheel

Distinctively GM – Signature traits of General Motors

And typical for GM, of course these small slots on the bolt circle, everyone knows them, the only question is, how are they supposed to be helpful when assembling the steering wheel? It only works in the places where screws fit. Well, if necessary, rotated by 180 degrees (or 356 Fahrenheit to serve this group too). I had to get rid of the joke, there were memes circulating recently where a European immigrant from probably Minnesota wanted to tell the world that there were only ovens with Fahrenheit ratings and that he had never seen one with Celsius ratings. That’s just a side note.

And now – let this pretty steering wheel work its magic on you. Have a good one and drive respectfully!

Momo steering wheels for sale

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