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Some of you might have heard the abbreviation PCD which stands for something that has to do with the steering wheel pattern. This becomes interesting if you have a hub and a steering wheel, for example, but the two parts are not from the same manufacturer. The question that often arises is – does it fit? Does a Momo steering wheel fit on a Nardi hub? Short answer: no. What all this has to do with the bolt pattern or PCD – you can find out here.

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Different brands – different bolt patterns

There are so many different brands of steering wheels out there and steering wheel hubs or hub adapters or boss kits depending on where you are in the world, plus quick release kits, hub extensions, eccentric ring spacers and most likely some more things. And as you might think or lets say hope, there should be a standard for the steering wheel bolt pattern or PCD (we’re coming to that abbreviation later). But, surprise, surprise, there isn’t. Some steering wheel manufacturers or brands do have the same bolt pattern which means you can bolt them together, but most of them don’t.

Some steering wheel brands or manufacturers even have different bolt patterns for different applications, means for different car brands like Ferrero for example does. Others have not only different bolt patterns, the amount of bolts are different. Some have just different bolt patterns for the use with different hubs. Not surprisingly, the largest and most well-known manufacturers, Momo and Nardi, have different bolt circles. But here, too, experts have already managed to screw a Momo steering wheel onto a Nardi hub. This can be done with a bit of filing, but in the interest of safety it should be avoided.

PCD – pitch circle diameter

Exactly, PCD stands for bolt circle diameter and describes nothing other than the diameter of the circle that goes through the center of all bolting holes, regardless of whether there are three, five, six or more bolts, as long as they are evenly spaced from each other. 6x70mm means there are 6 bolts in a diameter of 70mm. Since I keep getting questions about bolt circle diameters, this overview should answer most of these questions and show which products/manufacturers are interchangeable. And as always, if you have further questions, ask!

Bolt pattern / PCD: 3 x 50.8mm

  • Sparco
  • Sport Line

Bolt pattern / PCD: 6 x 70mm

  • Circuit Performance
  • Ferrero (Fiat 124 Spider only)
  • Grip Royal
  • Momo
  • Motocorsa
  • NRG
  • OMP
  • Sparco
  • Sabelt
  • Simoni
  • Sport Line
  • Vertex

Bolt pattern / PCD: 6 x 74mm

  • Nardi
  • Luisi
  • Personal
  • Raid

Bolt pattern / PCD: 6 x 75mm

  • Ferrero
  • (except the Fiat 124 Spider wheels by Ferrero)

Bolt pattern / PCD: 6 x 80mm

  • Fusina

Bolt pattern / PCD: 9 x 4″

  • Lecarra
  • Moto Lita
  • Springalex

Bolt pattern / PCD: 5 x 2.75″

  • Grant
  • Victor

Bolt pattern / PCD: 6 x 2.75″

  • Grant

Bolt pattern / PCD: 3 x 1.75″

  • Grant

That’s not all

But, with most stuff, that’s not all. There are other brands / manufacturers that fit the above mentioned bolt patterns or PCD and some use others. Some are very special, like the Victor Competition steering wheel or the Petri sports steering wheel. Since hubs are not widely available for these wheels, a hub adapter is very useful. The Victor to Momo hub adapter and the Petri to Momo hub adapter. Check them out!

Victor to Momo hub adapter

Petri sports steering wheel to Momo hub adapter

Petri to Momo hub adapter

Hub adapter guide

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