Another steering wheel with an interesting stamp – error

Every now and then you see something new. Truth be told, I’ve never seen something like that before. I was pretty sure it’s not a fake stamp or even a fake Momo steering wheel but I was just as curious as the owner what this stamp is about. 

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The steering wheel is a 1983 Momo Indy steering wheel, 345mm in diameter, nothing very rare or special. And there was something else, the owner was curious about. The surface of the spokes, the edges on the spokes and around the holes.

Well, that was easy. Someone must have grinded off the edges and while doing so, he destroyed the anodized layer of the wheel and that is the simple reason why it looks so different on the edges.

Error stamp on a 1983 Momo Indy

Indy logo scratched off

The error stamp

So what’s with the error stamp? Since I haven’t seen that before, I asked my steering wheel buddy and he had seen a few of these stamps in the past.

Apparently, Momo started to inspect their steering wheels for quality assurance and if one didn’t meet the specified standards, it got an error stamp. It could be something very obvious but in this case those wheels probably never did hit the market – or something not easily seen and very trivial. 

My bet – it was a very minor detail on this one since Momo decided to sell it anyway. Despite the fact that the edges have been smoothed, there are no obvious flaws on this one. Definitely a special detail and a steering wheel to keep!

Momo steering wheels for sale

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