How do I install a Victor steering wheel?

A lot of people have seen and bought some of my Victor steering wheels (or Kremer Porsche if you like). Those wheels became famous when Kremer Racing installed them in their 934/935/936 K2 and K3. And I got tons of emails from people asking – how do I install this steering wheel. 

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If you look at the pictures of these race cars, you will realize that they’ve just drilled holes into the steering wheel and bolted it to the hub they’ve already had. Well, you could still do that. And some people still did. But this is not how one should do it. One, you destroy the wheel, two, you destroy the integrity of the material, three, you destroy the surface tension. It does look racy yes, but does it look great?

drilled and mounted Kremer Porsche steering wheel

closer look at the relocated mounting holes

A few years back I did an adapter and first thing was – someone bought it and made a cheap copy of it. During the 2019 Luftgekuhlt show here in Los Angeles I met a girl from San Diego and we talked about the car I had on display with a Victor steering wheel installed. And she told me about her poor quality and shaky adapter and a week later I had it in the mail. Cheap casted aluminium of low quality (5080) as turned out after closer inspection, threads already teared out. That girl got it from an ex cold war eastern europe country called Poland. EDIT: someone from a former Turkish province called Bosnia-Herzegovina sells even cheaper and more dangerous sh*t.
After many requests, I decided to have my own Victor steering wheel to Momo hub adapter manufactured again. And here it is.
Victor steering wheel to Momo hub adapter by PATIPATINA

Victor / Kremer Racing to Momo hub adapter

Victor to Momo Hub Adapter - Stack

A new batch has arrived (a few more actually)

Installation guide

Install your Momo hub as usual if you haven’t already done so. Simply bolt the Victor to Momo hub adapter on top with the silver screws that come with the set. Then screw the Victor steering wheel tight with the black screws. You need a number 4 and number 3 allen key for that job. Then add the Momo sized horn button – connect the cable – done! Easy as 1-2-3.

Victor to Momo Hub Adapter - Detail
Victor to Momo Hub Adapter - Back Detail
Victor to Momo Hub Adapter - Attached
Victor to Momo Hub Adapter - Attached
Victor to Momo Hub Adapter - Attached
It’s a high quality rolled aluminium (7075), CNC machined piece, anodized in black to match your most likely black hub and the black Victor steering wheel (or Kremer Porsche or Kremer Racing steering wheel).

Facts about the Victor steering wheel to Momo hub adapter

  • Type 7075 rolled, high strength aluminium
  • 10mm thick
  • Black anodized, app. 15µ
  • Hardware included
  • Superprecise tight fitment
  • Works with every Kremer Porsche/Victor steering wheel
  • Fits every Momo hub
  • Made in Germany

Victor steering wheels for sale

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