Leaving home and getting back safely is an underrated blessing

I had to think about that again when I heard about the devastating helicopter crash not far from my house. The most important thing for me was always the fire extinguisher. Of course, the safety aspect is the most important one, but what about design? Don’t get me wrong, but a red fire extinguisher doesn’t come into my house – or into my cars. Here’s the list of my most important items when it comes to safety.

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Car fire extinguisher of my choice

Fortunately, the manufacturer of my absolute trust, H3R, also produces black fire extinguishers, which I have in all my cars. I had to use a fire extinguisher twice in my life, luckily my cars were not affected. Suddenly a car caught fire in the middle of an intersection. Back in the days I had the Dry Chem fire extinguisher version, very effective but after that and based on recommendations I opted for the Halon version of the H3R fire extinguisher. Two years after that incident, I came along an accident site where both cars caught fire. Used the Halon extinguisher and that one was incredibly effective. After that, I bought the H3R Halon fire extinguisher for all my cars.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you tend to forget to check your tire pressure – thats what you need. This system checks tire pressure and temperature and alarms you if you have a leak, high or low pressure or high or low temperature. Works with solar and usb charging.

First aid kit for your car

Well, and I want to show you my first aid kit. I had several over the years and needed them sometimes. The market is full, different sizes and colors and equipped differently. I might have some medical education but I asked some emergency doctors for advice from my circle of friends. 4 out of 5 recommended this first aid kit to me. The color didn’t matter here, but I’m happy about the black.

Other safety items

Safety first I always say. So what else do I have in my cars?
I do have a safety hammer to break the car windows in an emergency. The same tool can also be used as a seat belt cutter, which is very useful and can be vital. Speaking of vital, I always carry these superthin and light emergency blankets, not only for emergencies. If you’re stuck in traffic during the colder period.
I also have a headlamp in the car, just in case I need both hands to fix something on the car in the dark. And of course there is a warning triangle, additional safety warning lights and a safety vest in each car. Essential, especially in the dark but they also contribute to visibility during the day. Anyone who has ever been in such a situation will agree. 
Often underestimated – and may be it doesn’t particularly count as safety equipment, but very important: the right tire pressure. The driving behaviour changes so dramatically, especially when driving a little faster. I always have a tire pressure gauge with me. And whenever I check the tire pressure, I check the condition and the age of the tires.

10 most important car safety equipment items

Power bank + Jump starter

Another thing that I recently bought and what I really like is my super-handy Power bank which can supply your iPhone with power wirelessly and is also a jump starter for your car! Especially with vintage cars, I recommend to have one of these in your survival box.

Racing harness Update

Updated my racing harness in my 911 race car the other day. In case you’re looking for a racing harness, check out this one from Schroth. It’s way tighter and I feel a lot safer with that one! Safety first!

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