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A steering wheel that found its car

Most of us Porsche aficionados enjoy the legendary Victor competition steering wheel, also known as Kremer Racing steering wheel or simply the 935 K3 steering wheel. Almost all of them came in black leather with black anodized aluminum. A few other, rather rare versions are out there. This one here got sold pretty fast. Here’s why.

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NOS Victor N Bronze steering wheel 

If you’re reading this, you probably know by now that I have a serious steering wheel problem. I am aware of that and enjoy my collection every day. My girl also enjoys them, the thing she likes the most is when UPS or Fedex shows up and takes a bunch of boxes of our hands, knowing that there are still hundreds of wheels somewhere in the basement or the warehouse.

Anyway. I still like hunting cool vintage stuff like furniture, cars, watches, guitars and steering wheels. But I don’t buy things anymore just to have them like I once did. But don’t worry, I keep adding items whenever I find the time, I guess about 400 items are still waiting. Sometimes I even buy big collections when the owner doesn’t want to split them up. Last time I bought a 20 odd wheel collection, just to keep one. 

List of wanted items

What I also do have, besides my long list of items for sale, is a list of items people are looking for. It is rather long to be honest and I sometimes even forget about it, but whenever I see something, that list comes back to mind. So whenever you need help hunting down something you don’t find here on my site, let me know, I can add you to my list.

And when I find it, I just email you. There is no obligation to buy, no worries. So again, if you’re looking for something in particular, let me know. I can help you finding that missing bit.

NOS bronze VICTOR N steering wheel / Kremer Racing K3 935/936

NOS Victor N competition steering wheel

Victor N logo

One day I got a request from a nice fellow from Northern California. Only thing I knew, he wanted a brown Victor N steering wheel for his car. I assumed he has a brown interior so I accepted the challenge to find him such a wheel. Indeed, it took a while but what I’ve found was a NOS Victor N steering wheel, never installed, the one Kremer Racing used in their machines. But in brown / bronze, instead of all black. I came across such a wheel before, but used, this one here is new old stock. 

John was super excited and I guess he pictured the wheel in his car already. I haven’t seen the car nor pictures until he sent over these with the wheel installed. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so fantastic. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I asked him if I can share the pictures with you. So here it is, Johns beauty.

brown Victor N installed

awesome colour match

It looks stunning, absolutely perfect with the color match, way better than the stock wheel and with its 360mm is has the right diameter for the car. And of course it came with the Victor to Momo hub adapter

So if you’re looking for something and can’t find it here on the site, the only thing I can do is to encourage you to drop me a message with your request.

Victor steering wheels for sale

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