Magnus Walker signed steering wheels for patipatina

On the last weekend, Magnus Walker once again visited Hamburg, his absolute favorite city in Germany. Asked about the reasons, he answered jokingly that he likes Hamburgers and that’s why he likes to be in Hamburg (eating Hamburgers). However, it’s more the architecture, the friendly people and the many classic cars. Yes, they really exist. Lots of classic cars on the streets. 

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May be the reason was the yearly Stadtparkrevival, a classic car and motorcycle festival in the middle of the city.

On the night before the Stadtparkrevival, I met Magnus Walker once again and talked with him about steering wheels. The intimate relationship of the driver with the car. It’s well known how much Magnus likes old things, clothes, guitars, watches, cars, and of course, steering wheels. The Momo Jackie Stewart and the Momo Prototipo have always been his favorites. A few years ago, the owner of the Momo brand approached him with the idea to launch his own Momo Magnus Walker signature steering wheel. The result was noteworthy. A thick grip Momo Prototipo with distressed leather and an Urban Outlaw horn button. A steering wheel that looks at first glance as if it had lived and experienced a lot.

Momo Daytona - Magnus Walker signature - Steering Wheel

Momo Daytona signed by the Urban Outlaw himself

Momo Daytona - Magnus Walker signature - Magnus

Get out + drive – Magnus Walker

However, in most of his old Porsche Magnus has mounted old Momo steering wheels. Momo Jackie Stewart, Momo Prototipo, Abarth Rally, Momo Jacky Ickx and some others. And of course I had some steering wheels in my luggage and took the opportunity to have them signed by him for patipatina.

Momo Prototipo - Magnus Walker Signature - Steering Wheel - Signature

Momo Prototipo signed by Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker signing for PATIPATINA

Magnus Walker signing steering wheels for patipatina

Magnus was particularly interested in the Kremer Porsche / Victor Steering Wheel, the steering wheel type Kremer installed into their legendary racing cars, the K2, the K3, the Jagermeister racing cars based on the 934, 935 and 936. His first question was – as usual – if someone holds such a steering wheel in his hand – how to actually mount it. He was very interested in the Victor to Momo hub adapter, which makes it easy to install that steering wheel with any Momo hub. Certainly an exciting steering wheel for Magnus red 1974 Slantnose Porsche. May be you can see that soon in that particular car.

Victor steering wheel - signed by Magnus Walker for PATIPATINA

Victor competition steering wheel signed by Magnus Walker

signing for patipatina

Mr. Patipatina + Mr. Walker

At the race during the Stadtparkrevival Magnus Walker sat behind the wheel of a Porsche RSR replica, provided by Wickedsixes. In addition to that car, there were a lot of cool classic Porsche cars out there among others like Alfa Romeo, Saab, Volkswagen, BMW and some other brands. Enjoy some impressions of these fantastic cars.

Vintage steering wheels for sale

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