From Pneumatic air tools to Power tool

Pros, Cons & my personal experience – Air tools vs. Power tools

You might have seen the list of tools I have in my garage – and I can tell you, a lot has changed since I published that list. A lot. Not only do I want to share my experiences with the tools I had but also talk about the Pros & Cons of Pneumatic Air tools vs. Electric Power tools. And in case you’re wondering, NO, I am not sponsored by Ryobi.

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To be precise, both types are power tools, pneumatic tools use compressed air, electric power tools have either a cord or going cordless with smart and powerful rechargeable batteries. Technology helped making huge steps in the development of  batteries, they tell you when they get hot – and empty as well. And yeah, it’s easier to take them with you, no doubt.
Pneumatic air tools try to keep up, they become smarter, transfer data to your smartphone and stuff. And they offer a lot of punch, which can usually be adjusted. But, electric power tools catched up in recent years. And, truth be told, pneumatic air tools require a larger investment while awesome electric power tools became relatively cheap and offer quite a lot these days. Versatility of electric power tools comes as a big plus – but still, the decision of whether a pneumatic air tool or a electric power tool is the right for you really depends on the specific needs.

My own experience with power tools

I got my air impact wrench as a gift from a very close friend and ended up buying a compressor, a tire pressure gauge and an air blow gun. So far so good. Used them for a bit over a year, the air impact wrench the most. Right after the warranty ended, the impact wrench stopped working. Bought a second one, same procedure. Felt like as if being filmed by some weird hidden camera. Same happened with the Dremel by the way, but three times. Can’t recommend that product at all.
Anyway, after the air impact wrench failed for the second time, I decided to go a different route and bought a Ryobi impact wrench. And I fell in love with that super powerful tool the first time I had in my hands. And the best, I didn’t miss my air impact wrench a single second. So there I was, an awesome Ryobi tool in my hand and at the same time I got a set of two Ryobi rechargable batteries tools and a fast charger.
But I also had my Festtool power tools with a different charger, different batteries and that sort of … You got me. These ones were superexpensive at the time I bought them. So I listed them on ebay and the sold faster than I can say Indiana Jones and for big money. And what did I do? Bought brand new Ryobi tools for a fraction of the amount I got for my Festtool tools. And I went brushless, if you know what I mean. And as I said, this article is NOT sponsored by Ryobi, bought all the tools here by myself, with the money I earned from my Festtool tools sale – which was – to be honest, the best part!
To recap, I am super happy with the replacement of the compressed air tools with Ryobi power tools. They are very inexpensive, thanks to the exchangeable batteries and of the highest quality. Over the last couple of month I added quite a lot of Ryobi tools. So many, that I can even provide recommendations in a list. Check out my Top 10 – Must have best Ryobi tools.

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