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When I was a kid, my favorite toys were always cars. Probably pretty normal for guys who grew up in the 70s and 80s. For hours I could play with them, I thought up stories, what the drivers experienced. There were sports cars of various brands, I like to remember the Renault 5 Turbo 2 in red and yellow, the Mazda RX-7 in black, a white BMW 2002, the yellow Volkswagen MK2 and of course emergency vehicles. A good portion of flashing blue light was not missing. I probably fell in love for the first time.

It was not about image or prestige, social status, where the cars came from or the loudest exhaust. Also, not with which cars you get the prettiest girls; it was all about the most beautiful car, with the most elegant curves, with the sportiest silhouette, the iconic par excellence: everything revolved around the Porsche 911.

I had them in all colours of the rainbow. Only problem: scale was 1:87.

A few years later that changed. First a dark blue 1998 Boxter when I went to College, a 997 convertible when I got the first bonus – but they were both – not for me. I remembered my childhood and my darlings back then. I quickly purchased a 66 911 but that wasn’t the right thing either. It was followed by a 71 911T, a 68 911L, a 91 964 C2. But something began to dawn on me. I wanted to do something by myself and an 83 911 SC just came right and I completely rebuilt this car to my ideas. Backdated the car, gave it a nice 58 356 color and changed almost anything about it. When I was done, I sold the car. A few SCs, Carreras and a Turbo later I came across the underrated Carrera 3.o which I still own – one of each year, a 76 and a 77. And I bought another project car and started immediately working on it.

In that first old 911 I bought was a Momo Steering Wheel installed, an old Momo Prototipo. A little beat up, sunburned and with cracked leather, a bit greasy and the aluminium worn, in short: lots of patina. So I looked around and found beautiful steering wheels at swap meets, thrift shops and online. And I started buying them. So many nice wheels were available back then and I bought so many that I even forgot about a few that I’ve stored in boxes in our family warehouse. One of my friends started calling me pati patina, he’s from San Francisco but his family is from India and in hindustani pati means Lord. He raised me to the peerage.

It all started with the first Momo Steering Wheel I bought which to this day is one of my favourite wheels: the Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel.