There you go. An adequate ride on car for the youngest of the classic car enthusiasts. I was looking for a gift for my godchild, daughter of a Porsche workshop owner nearby, somehow it was obvious: a car, a real classic, a car we all might have dreamt of when we were kids. At first I was thinking some Hot Wheels but her dad already owned quite a collection which he somehow passed over to the next generation already.

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It was her first birthday so it should be a toy for her to remember. Something for her very first driving lessons or races and maybe even something she would still be in love with even though she would already ride around in her first gasoline powered car. Oh, and it shouldn’t be that typical plastic Bobby Car.

I was overwhelmed by the huge variety of ride on cars for kids but after the first shock and with lots of criteria in my head, I checked out all the cars made of wood and metal as well as electric ride on cars and compared the existing reviews intensively. I fell in love with some sort of classic silver arrow for kids, made from metal, as it should be: solid material, cool vintage look and also very decorative. So I’ve ordered that one, assembled it and added a few sporty stripes and the driver’s name.

The ultimate birthday gift for little car enthusiasts

When I was driving over, I was pretty sure she would love it. And I was very happy, that I was right. She climbed on it immediately and her parents were enthusiastic about the retro ride alike. Her dad planned to use it as a decoration for his shop after she would grow out of it.

But since he is a great guy (hey Paul ;-)) – a few days later – he showed me a picture of the next vehicle for little Louise which she would get the day the silver arrow goes into the shop for decoration. The first car with pedals, a blue 1930s style metal vehicle – and it even has a real wooden steering wheel. Not Momo but still cool.

Or even something more modern – an electrified ride on Porsche 918 Spyder in red – in which she could adequately and conveniently explore the entire neighbourhood and the workshop (under supervision of course) as the future boss.
We all had a great laugh – and I know him long enough to know that he wasn’t serious about it. He’s not a friend of electronic cars. They have to burn fuel, they have to smell of gasoline and oil and they have to be old. Really old. But yeah, we all would have liked to drive such a vehicle as a child, that’s for sure!

Here are some more cool kids cars that were on my shortlist – and – truth be told – they are ultimately just a matter of personal taste and/or budget.

Foot to floor cars for toddlers & kids ages 1 to 3

Pedal cars for kids ages 3 and up

Balance Bikes for kids ages 3 and up

Some special kids cars for Porsche enthusiasts:

  • Fathers choice: Porsche 918 Spyder electric ride on in red
  • Porsche 997 Turbo look-a-like with remote control in bright pink, white or red
  • Porsche 356er look-a-like ride on toy with remote control: 
    red (with black and grey interor),
    white (with red interior),
    white (with black interior),
    pink (with purple interior) or 
    light blue (with white interior)

Other cool electric ride on cars for children:

I know, it’s not a typical blog topic, but I thought some of you guys might be interested, if I share my research on children’s ride on cars with a classic touch 😉