The mystique Momo Gritti steering wheel

The Momo Gritti is again one of the steering wheels of Momo with many stories, secrets and mysteries. As mentioned in previous articles, Momo developed a variety of steering wheels, which were manufactured during it’s lifespan exclusively for Momo or almost exclusively or with minor modifications exclusively for other car manufacturers.

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Rich variety of different steering wheel versions

Momo Gritti is one of those very interesting examples. When Momo Gritti (and it really only counts as Momo Gritti, if “Gritti” is engraved on the center spoke, otherwise it bears the name of the vehicle type for which it was made by Momo), there were a variety of versions – in terms of material, finish and size.

The steering wheel was available as a wooden and leather steering wheel and there were also several versions. It was available in light and dark wood (each with polished and brushed spokes) and in brown leather (with polished or black spokes) and black leather (with polished, brushed or black spokes). The smallest size of the Momo Gritti was 350mm, there were 365mm, 370mm, 380mm versions and also for Momo a very rare size: 390mm.

To my best knowledge, it was built from end 70s to early 90s. All of these versions had besides its own Gritti horn button an additional cover ring, which was put underneath the horn button covering the screws of the steering wheel. That cover ring was polished, brushed or black anodized for the Momo Gritti variants.

Momo Gritti Steering Wheel 365mm

Momo Gritti steering wheel, 365mm

Momo Gritti Steering Wheel 365mm - Gritti Horn Button

Gritti horn button and cover ring

Facts about the Momo Gritti steering wheel

  • Brand: Momo
  • Model: Gritti & Ferrari versions
  • Production years: end 70s – early 90s
  • Size: 350mm, 365mm, 370mm, 380mm and 390mm diameter
  • Material: wood (light and dark) and leather (brown and black)
  • Color: brushed, polished or black anodized
  • Shape: semi dish
  • Special: came with a cover ring and horn button
Momo Gritti Steering Wheel 365mm - Gritti Engraving

Gritti engraved on the center spoke

Momo Gritti Steering Wheel 365mm - Back

finger grips on the back

Momo Ferrari steering wheel versions

Momo has built this steering wheel in variants exclusively for Ferrari. It could be recognized, although it has the shape of the Momo Gritti steering wheel and was also supplied with the Gritti horn button, the engraving “Gritti” is not found on these variants.
In the Ferrari 512, which was built from 1976 to 1984, the steering wheel was only found in the 1984 available version 512 BBI. This model had a diameter of 350mm and was only available in leather, with brushed or black anodized spokes. The cover ring was also brushed or black anodized.
For the Ferrari Testarossa, which has been built from 1984 to 1996 and is considered the successor of the Ferrari 512, the steering wheel was the standard steering wheel until the early 90s. For the Testarossa the steering wheel was available in 370mm only and in black leather, with brushed or black anodized spokes. The cover ring was always covered with leather. The polished version has been produced by Momo as a replacement option for retail sale.

Momo Ferrari Testarossa steering wheel, 380mm

No Gritti engraving

For the Ferrari 412 which was built at the about same time (1985-1989) Momo changed the look and feel of the steering wheel a bit. It received a center pad, which completely covered the spokes. In this context, the thumb pads were also adjusted so that there was a straight transition to the center pad, in which the horn was housed.
There are also some wooden versions out there which I assume have most likely been sold by Ferrari as an option, but I have no records about it.