A Coverall to cover all

And how to protect yourself from time to time

Two weeks ago I did a full service on my Saab 900, so all fluids out and new ones in. Sounds romantic, but we all know that things tend to go wrong. Even if my garage floor has an epoxy resin coating and can be cleaned easily, there is usually something else between the car and the floor, namely me. And now I ask you, what do you wear to work on your cars?

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Proper workwear

Well, inspired by my bonus father, a retired US Air Force Senior Officer and Command pilot, I wore an old flight suit for the heavy duty work on my cars for a long time. But it was getting old and brittle and at some point fell apart. Then jeans and T-shirt and at some point also UCLA Medical Center surgical clothing that can be washed very hot and therefore oil stains and other grease will be removed easily. But when I recently lay under my car and suddenly felt the brake fluid on my skin, it was enough and I finally wanted to have appropriate and adequate work clothes. After more than twenty years of tinkering with old cars I decided to buy something decent.
Now I’ve just had a few things sent to me and tried them on and out and I’m absolutely thrilled. Most of the time, however, I wonder why it took so long to finally decide that it was time to get something proper. I am under my cars so much and often injure myself, not just on my hands, heavy duty workwear is really nice. Today I would just like to briefly show what I have bought and what advantages the things have from my point of view. First I have to say, I like the Dickies, I have a lot of Dickies clothes and I am convinced of the quality. That’s probably why I mainly had Dickies coveralls sent to me, two from RedKap, the quality was also great, but the cut was kind of like a sack, the Dickies work clothes still look really good.
For what you pay, these coveralls are absolutely worth it. The fabric is comfortable on the skin, no scratching, no itching if you don’t wear a lot underneath. So (c)overall very comfortable to wear. And as I said, the cut is really good, you don’t feel like you are wrapped in a shapeless fabric sack, unfortunately that’s how I felt in the RedKap coverall. There is room to move around. The pockets are shallow to be frank with you and there is no access to pockets of whatever you’re wearing underneath but I don’t care. And I wanted something something short-sleeve, but those coveralls are also available as long-sleeve, I list both.

Most important: size selection

The only problem, if you want to call it that, was the size. The information is very vague, I have listed the sizes here again they might help. Especially when a woman might want to wear such a coverall, like my girlfriend, who also likes to work on cars. She has a 84 Volvo 245 btw. Since these suits are not made specifically for women, we tried a lot until we got the perfect size. In addition, the coveralls shrink a little after the first warm wash, so when you try them on, they should be big on you.

My girlfriend is tall, (5’9 “125bs), tall medium was too long and too big at the beginning, regular small fit, but after washing it was too small, regular medium was initially too big, after the first wash it fit it’s great. I’m tall myself, (6’3 “194lbs) and have tried on the tall 2XL, which still fits great after washing. I love this part. And yesterday, when I checked my girlfriend’s car, I wasn’t worried that any liquids would leak through my clothes, transmission oil was almost pearled off. Highly recommended!
S-REG – (34/36)
S-TALL – (34/36)
M-REG – (38/40) – girlfriend (5’9 “125bs)
M-TALL – (38/40)
L-REG – (42/44)
L-TALL – (42/44)
XL-REG – (46/48)
XL-TALL – (46/48)
2XL-REG – (50/52)
2XL-TALL – (50/52) – me (6’3 “194lbs)
3XL-REG – (54/56)
3XL-TALL – (54/56)
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