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Porsche Garages – very rarely just a garage

A Porsche Garage is so much more

In most cases, a Porsche garage is not just a place to park a car. It is a place to relax, to relax after a long and hard day. A place where the history of one of the most exciting family businesses can be experienced and felt. Often a hodgepodge of memories, memorabilia from days long past that tell of racing history. Posters, badges, trophies, old worn steering wheels.

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Best brake fluid for your classic race car

What’s important when choosing brake fluid for a classic race car?

Well, it’s a discussion that pops up every now and then – especially near the paddock or the race track. Most of the time I tend not to participate in those discussions. But I want to share my perspective and some of the best products on the market today.
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Best Drive to the Track Racing Tire

Is there a best tire? Or best tires on different levels?

If you ask me, there are a couple of different levels of tires. Full race tires that should not be driven to the track. Then there are what I like to call “drive to the track race tire”. And then there is a new kind of tire, a street race tire which is very streatable and capable on the track. Tires like the Falken RT 615 or the Bridgestone RE 71R. They can be a lot of fun and the gap between them and the “drive to the track race tire” is narrowing. When talking about tires here, I talk about 205/50/15 tires on my lightweight 911 race car on 7×15 Fuchs all around.

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Looking for a classic ride on car for your kid?

There you go. An adequate ride on car for the youngest of the classic car enthusiasts. I was looking for a gift for my godchild, daughter of a Porsche workshop owner nearby, somehow it was obvious: a car, a real classic, a car we all might have dreamt of when we were kids. At first I was thinking some Hot Wheels but her dad already owned quite a collection which he somehow passed over to the next generation already.

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Best Racing Tires

Is there a best racing tire?

Again, using quarantine time to answer some questions. If you ask me, yes, there is. And there is a variety of alternatives too that I will talk about. The article today is about full race tires, tires that should not be driven to the track. I do have two sets of wheels for my race car, a 1970 lightweight 911S with a 3 litre Carrera 3.o modified engine, running PM46s with about 260HP. It’s equipped with 7×15 Fuchs wheels all around, so I am talking about 15 inch racing tires.

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Best Car Detailing Products for Classic Cars

Do you guys like detailing your cars?

Well, you’re right. I never really talk about detailing and all the questions so far remained unanswered. Going to change that today, even though I am not someone who’s cleaning and detailing his cars every day, may be twice a year and on special occasions. 

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10 most important safety equipment items for your classic car

Leaving your home and getting back safely is such an underrated blessing

I had to think about that again when I heard about the devastating helicopter crash not far from my house. The most important thing for me was always the fire extinguisher. Of course, the safety aspect is the most important one, but what about design? Don’t get me wrong, but a red fire extinguisher doesn’t come into my house – or into my cars. 
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Best Car Floor Jack

How to choose the right car floor jack?

Well, never needed a jack until about six month ago when I moved into my new house. Before that, I had my cars in a garage together with friends in DTLA and we had a Triumph Professional Lift installed which was very good.
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Best engine oil for your classic car

What’s important when choosing engine oil for a classic car engine?

Well, it’s a discussion that pops up every now and then – all over again and I got numerous mails about what kind of engine oil I use for my classic cars and why. Most important criteria for the selection of the best oil for a classic car are viscosity, conventional or synthetic and vital additives.
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What is the best wire stripping tool?

An Automatic Wire Stripper is such a neat and useful tool

Most people enjoy working on their classic cars, whether it is a Porsche or a Mini, a Volkswagen or a BMW. What most people do not like – and I’m no exception – is electricity. I do not really like all these wires, relays and connectors. But sometimes something has to be fixed, and you do not want to go to a store to have a broken cable repaired.
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7 best car gadgets – garage life

Do I need a dash cam?

This mornings cars and coffee was full of discussions about the need and no need of gadgets for your car. It was quite interesting, a few of my buddies were against all kinds of electronics in their vintage cars but most people appreciated the easiness of these little helpers.
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Best Spark Plug Wrench

What is the best Spark Plug Wrench?

Anyone who has ever changed spark plugs on a Porsche 911 – I’m talking about the models of 1964-1989 – knows how difficult it is to get to some of the spark plugs.
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Best Ratcheting Wrenches or Sets

My Favourite Tools – Quality Tools Made in Germany

A few people on instagram asked me how to mount a steering wheel and especially which tools am I using to work on my Porsches. And to show my cars and my garage. Well, I am going to do that soon, as soon as the little video is ready we were filming a week ago.

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