Shortest Article ever: PATIPATINA Stickers

Yes, shortest article ever. A lot of guys were asking for stickers, here they are. Boom. Plastic (outdoor) stickers, diameter of 3.1 inches or 8 centimetres. They are $3 each with the purchase of a steering wheel or a horn button.

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Homage to the Deutsche Bundespost

This vehicle may not fit in the dream garage – or maybe it does. A piece of contemporary history – for Volkswagen and the Deutsche Bundespost – which has not been called that for a long time. First Deutsche Post – then parts of it DHL.

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A (Porsche) Dream Garage

What is a dream garage anyway? Fantastically located, fantastically large, fantastic cars? Not so easy to answer. Still, I found it. A few weeks ago when I was visiting a friend. Where can you find something like this? Not in California, not in New York or Boston, not even in Europe. No, in the heart of Thailand, in the land of smiles, in the middle of Bangkok.

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Part 1 – Another Porsche 911 Project

You know, I wanted a project car I could mess around with without messing around with the Porsche heritage. I would never dare to take a car that is significant in one way or the other and build a custom car out of it. Don’t know, I probably call it education and appreciation. So I was specifically looking for a car that has been neglected and underappreciated.

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Momo Scioneri Steering Wheel

In addition to Momo’s actual product range, Momo also made special steering wheels – like the Momo Scioneri steering wheel – for car manufacturers or converted steering wheels from the actual range for car manufacturers. The most well known ones are certainly the steering wheels for Ferrari (e.g. Ferrari Testarossa and 512BB), for Lotus (Lotus Esprit Commemorative S2) or also steering wheels for Porsche, Alfa, Alpine – and of course Abarth.

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10 most important safety equipment items for your classic car

Leaving your home and getting back safely is such an underrated blessing

I had to think about that again when I heard about the devastating helicopter crash not far from my house. The most important thing for me was always the fire extinguisher. Of course, the safety aspect is the most important one, but what about design? Don’t get me wrong, but a red fire extinguisher doesn’t come into my house – or into my cars. 
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Martini Racing – most well-known race car sponsor

Every not-so-young car-aficionado will remember all the alcohol and tobacco sponsors that were allowed to sponsor without limitations in the 70s and 80s. If the sponsorship would have worked out the way marketing directors would have hoped, a lot of racing fans would be alcoholic. A few names will pop-up such as Rothmans Porsche, Marlboro Ferrari and of course: Martini Racing. Some might say, more people know Martini Racing than its origin – the Martini Vermouth, manufactured by Martini & Rossi since 1863 near Turin, Italy.

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Solid vs. Collapsible Momo Hub Adapters

Anyone who wants to install a non-factory sports steering wheel in their car cannot avoid buying a hub adapter for the specific vehicle type. For the newcomers – every car make has a special steering column with a specific mount for factory steering wheels. If you install a sports steering wheel – you need an adapter – called hub. The hub is mounted on the mentioned steering shaft, on top the actual steering wheel, usually with a 6-bolt screw connection.

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Best Car Floor Jack

How to choose the right car floor jack?

Well, never needed a jack until about six month ago when I moved into my new house. Before that, I had my cars in a garage together with friends in DTLA and we had a Triumph Professional Lift installed which was very good.
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Momo & Ferrari – a long steering wheel story

When John Surtees won the Formula 1 World Championship in a Ferrari 158 F1 in 1964, no one suspected that this connection would become the closest in Momo’s company history. Momo did not exist at that time and it wouldn’t have become what it is today without this collaboration.

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Best engine oil for your classic car

What’s important when choosing engine oil for a classic car engine?

Well, it’s a discussion that pops up every now and then – all over again and I got numerous mails about what kind of engine oil I use for my classic cars and why. Most important criteria for the selection of the best oil for a classic car are viscosity, conventional or synthetic and vital additives.
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Momo Indy steering wheel

Momo Indy – the most famous Momo wooden steering wheel

Wooden steering wheels were very fashionable in the 1960s. In fact, the very first Momo steering wheel, which was in John Surtees 1964 World Championship Ferrari 158 F1, was a pre-production Momo wooden steering wheel. And if you compare those two, you can still see the legacy of the early wheel in todays Momo Indy. The Momo Indy was one of Momo’s very early steering wheels. The first known Momo steering wheels from the Indy series date back from 1966/1967.
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Das Treffen 4 – the epicenter of Southeast Asian Porsche culture

Das Treffen – more than just a gathering

When you think of the Porsche scene, Germany, Stuttgart or Zuffenhausen probably comes to mind first. Maybe North America, California, Rennsport, Luftgekühlt, Deus Ex Machina in L.A. Maybe the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. But Thailand? Ever heard of Das Treffen?
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Kremer Porsche steering wheel by Victor

The day before yesterday an instagram follower contacted me through my instagram channel  and asked questions about the different Victor steering wheel versions also known as the Kremer Porsche steering wheel. That reminded me that I wanted to do an article about that very special wheel. I browsed through my old magazines, catalogs and old ads, compared publishing dates and datas and finally compared all the information gathered with my steering wheels – or pictures of steering wheels that I’ve recently sold.

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Momo John Player Special steering wheel for Lotus

Very special in the history of Momo

Not because of the “special” in the name of well-known Formula 1 sponsor and successful tobacco producer John Player Special.
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The legendary Abarth Rallye steering wheel

Stand out of the Prototipo crowd

The Abarth steering wheel has been a very popular steering wheel for a lot of classic car fans for many years. No matter if you drive a Porsche, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo or BMW. Maybe it’s still a bit under the radar, rather for connoisseurs, while everyone who considers himself and his car sporty, buys a Momo Prototipo.
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Visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

A must for any Porsche enthusiast

After a few month of continuous working I took two weeks off in order to go to Italy and drive some of the amazing alpine mountain roads with a car I still have in Europe. Being a Porsche aficionado for such a long time, I’ve never made it to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. 
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Magnus Walker – the Urban Outlaw in Hamburg

Magnus Walker signed steering wheels for PATIPATINA

At the last weekend, Magnus Walker once again visited Hamburg, his absolute favorite city in Germany. Asked about the reasons, he answered jokingly that he likes Hamburgers and that’s why he likes to be in Hamburg (eating Hamburgers). However, it’s more the architecture, the friendly people and the many classic cars. Yes, they really exist. Lots of classic cars on the streets. May be the reason was the yearly Stadtparkrevival, a classic car and motorcycle festival in the middle of the city.
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